The Stone Golem is the Eternal Earth Source that had transformed itself into a large, hulking beast. In Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure, the Skylanders confront the Stone Golem to defeat it and return it into its normal form.

The Stone Golem can be taken care of easily when you drop its HP (health points) down below half. It will charge a super strike and launch a boulder. If the player manages to dodge the boulder, it will go back to the Stone Golem and hit it, tripping the Stone Golem and leaving it vunerable for a strong attack. This phase of the battle is easiest with a fast moving, powerful attacking Skylander like Trigger Happy or Stealth Elf.

The Stone Golem's other attacks are its Stomp and Rock Uprise. The Stomp can happen when the player is close to the Stone Golem. It will look down, pull its foot up and attempt to squish the player. Rock Uprise happens when the Stone Golem takes a hard hit. It stomps its feet on the ground (it will do no damage if the player is near it), flail its arms up and down (as if it's summoning something), as it is encased in a impenertrable dust shield, and finally, stones will rain down upon the player. (Note that this attack varies as you do damage to the Stone Golem).


  • Rocky shares the same character design as the Stone Golem.
  • Stone Golem is the only major boss in Spyro's Adventure completely unrelated to Kaos.
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