“The ultimate forest ninja weapon!”
    —Vehicle Collection

The Stealth Stinger is Super Shot Stealth Elf's signature vehicle in Skylanders: SuperChargers. The Stealth Stinger is the ultimate forest ninja weapon! During covert Skylander operations, Stealth Elf uses its camouflage abilities and high velocity thorn rockets to get the drop on evil before they see it coming!


  • Primary Ability: Canopy Piercer
    • A machine gun that takes some time to rotate, but then deals rapid damage to enemies.
  • Secondary Ability: Forest Fog
    • The Stealth Stinger hides itself in leaves, becoming invisible and gradually regaining armor slowly while it is cloaked.


Performance Mods

  • Leaf Cutters
  • Pine Cone Rotors
  • Petal Paddles
  • Lacquered Coaxial

Specialty Mods

  • Waxed Wood Plates
  • Acorn Armoring
  • Briar Patching
  • Hardwood Shielding

Horn Options

  • Woodland Tune
  • Timber Wailer
  • Bramble Blare
  • Grove Groover

Character Trailers

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  • This is the only vehicle to have the ability to heal itself while invisible.
  • The Stealth Stinger is one of 4 vehicles shown in the Skylanders Academy TV show. The other vehicles are the Sun Runner, the Tomb Buggy, and the Hot Streak.
    • Of those vehicles, the Stealth Stinger is the only one that is ever shown to be piloted by their signature driver from the games: Stealth Elf.
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