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Status Effects are continuous effects in Skylanders: Ring of Heroes. Referred to as buffs if beneficial, and debuffs if harmful, they make up the secondary effects of an attack in the game aside from reducing Endurance.

For ease of reading, "user" refers to the character that cast the effect, be it beneficial or harmful.

Beneficial Effects

  • Invincible (Previously Bless) - Immunity from all damage except other effects.
  • Strength - Increases Endurance over time. Cannot increase Endurance over the character's maximum.
  • Attack Up - Increases Attack power by 30%.
  • Invincible - Removes all debuffs and nullifies all damage.
  • Received Heal Up - Increases recovery amount by 50% when healed.
  • Defense Up - Increases Defense by 40% and 100(sic).
  • Shield - Creates a shield that offsets inflicted damage by a set of HP of the user (even in AoE skills). This is displayed as a white bar over the HP, that is replenished by every Shield count still available.
  • Revival - Revive yourself once with 30% of max HP when defeated while the effect is active. Currently exclusive to enemy Masker Minds.
  • HP Regen - Continuously regain HP, in proportion to the user's attack.
  • Provoke (Previously Draw Aggro) - Attract attention to yourself to receive attacks from opponents, and reduces damage by 10%. The enemy's target reticle automatically stops on the user, and resets itself once the effect runs out.
  • Stealth - Conceal yourself from a single target attack. Increases critical rate and evasion by 30%. The enemy's target reticle cannot be placed on the character while the effect is active, but they can still be hit by Area of Effect attacks.
  • Accuracy Up - Increases Attack accuracy by 20%.
  • Crit Damage Up - Increases critical hit damage by 40%.
  • Crit Rate Up - Increases chance of activating critical hit by 30%.
  • Evasion Up - Increases attack evasion rate by 20%.
  • Effect Resistance Up - Increases Effect RES rate by 30%.
  • Effect Accuracy Up - Increases Effect ACC by 30%.

Harmful Effects

  • Confusion - Swaps Attack and Defense of the target. This effect can't be removed by debuff-removing skills. Currently exclusive to Kaos.
  • Stun - Interrupts any active attacks and the character can't use skills while the effect is active.
  • Goldenize - Acts the same as Stun, with a different effect. Exclusive to Golden Queen.
  • Electric Shock - Decreases Endurance by 1 when inflicted with damage, on top of the attack's reduction.
  • Attack Down - Decreases power by 40%.
  • Horror - Unable to evade or block attacks.
  • Freeze - Increases skill cooldown time by 3 sec.
  • Received Heal Down - Decreases recovery amount by 60% when healed.
  • Defense Down - Decreases Defense by 50% and 100(sic).
  • Parts - Increases the duration of effects when inflicted with harmful effects. Currently exclusive to some Tech Skylanders.
  • Accuracy Down - Decreases attack accuracy rate by 30%.
  • Poison - Receives damage in proportion to max HP. The damage cannot not exceed 20% ATK of the attacker.
  • Diminish - Receives damage every turn, in proportion to the attack of the user.
  • Crit Rate Down - Decreases chances of activating a critical hit by 40%
  • Unrecoverable - Characters under this effect cannot be healed by healing skills.
  • Explode - Explodes after a certain time period has passed, taking damage in proportion to the user's attack.
  • Evade Down - Decreases Evasion by 30%.
  • Effect Resistance Down - Decreases Effect RES rate by 40%.
  • Effect Accuracy Down - Decreases Effect ACC by 40%.

Neutral and Instant Effects

These effects usually work along with debuffs and buffs, or track certain states.

  • Initiate - Tracks down an amount of turns to activate a Passive skill, such as Enigma's Invisibility Mode skill.
  • Knockdown - A state where the character can't use skills or evade when their Endurance is at zero, and when it's removed, the character regains movement and full Endurance.
  • Transform - Tracks down a transformation skill's cooldown, reverting the character back into a regular state once it's removed.

Scrapped Effects (before 2.0.0)

  • Instant Defeat (gray) - Knocks out a character after they have used skills a certain amount of times. Cannot be removed or replenished and carries over between rounds.
  • Instant Defeat (Red) - Instantly knocks out a character once the debuff turns end. Cannot be applied to characters with gray Instant Defeat, and can be removed entirely if the debuff is reduced before it applies. Exclusive to the Undead Destroyer.
  • Steal Buffs - Steal buffs from enemies and gain the effect. Currently only used by certain enemies, though Gusto and Nightshade have it as a secondary effect. Despite being listed as a debuff, this is a buff.
  • Block Damage Down - Decreases the blocked damage amount by 20%.
  • Block Rate Down - Decreases the chance to activate block by 40%.
  • Target - Becomes a Target to restore an attacker's HP. Currently exclusive to Food Fight.
  • Corrode - Reduces 20% of the target's Critical Damage per effect count. Currently exclusive to Ultra Traptanium Kaos.
  • Drain - Recovers HP by 20% of dealt damage. Replaced by the Drain Enchant Scroll and regular passive skills.
  • Share Damage - Shares damage between whoever has the effect active.
  • Reflect Damage - Reflects 50% of the damage you receive back to your opponent. If the damage is negated by Invincible or Bless, the attacker also receives no damage. Replaced by the Reflect Enchant Scroll and regular passive skills.
  • Eye of the Storm - Increases Attack Power and Defense by 10%. Currently exclusive to several Air Skylanders.
  • Bonus Hit - Gains an extra attack under certain situations while the effect is active. Though other attacks cause this, only Aurora currently has it as a status effect.
  • Focus - Decreases skill cooldown time by 5 seconds while effect is active.
  • Mystery - Decreases the effect of damage over time debuffs. Currently exclusive to several Magic Skylanders.
  • Beast - Enhances certain skills while the effect is active. Currently exclusive to Pop Fizz and Wild Storm.
  • Wide Range Damage Down - Decreases damage of wide range attacks (Area of Effect) by 50%
  • Block Rate Up - Increases the chances of activating Block(reduced damage) by 30%.
  • Block Damage Up - Increases blocked damage amount by 30%.
  • Hourglass - Restores HP to a point when Hourglass was granted, when the effect runs out. Currently exclusive to Déjà Vu.
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