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“A Shot in the Dark!”
    —Starcast's official catchphrase

Starcast is a four-armed extraterrestrial who is one of the Dark Senseis in Skylanders: Imaginators. He trains Imaginators who belong to the Ninja Battle Class.



No one knows where Starcast came from, including Starcast himself! He was first seen falling out of the sky and landing directly on top of Master Eon, after he had made a wish for a Ninja Master to train the new generation of Skylanders. While it appeared that Eon’s wish had come true, it was later revealed that Pop Fizz had simultaneously made a wish to get out of anger management lessons with the old Portal Master. Therefore, it was impossible to determine if Starcast was the result of one wish or the other. But after a brief martial arts display, it was clear to all that the mysterious Starcast was a very skilled ninja warrior. And seeing as how Master Eon had to walk around in crutches for the next few weeks, it was also clear that anger management class would have to be postponed – so it was a win-win!


Starcast uses his inter-dimensional powers for the Ninja Class. Having four arms he is able to rapid fire shurikens from the Dark Dimension, this is later upgraded when he fires two more powerful shurikens at the end of a combo and drop dangerous shards whilst jumping. Starcast is also able to conjure a rideable Megastar which mows down any enemy in his path but can still take damage whilst riding - on the Megastar, Starcast can throw larger and explosive shurikens. If he comes under enemy attention, he is able to disappear and attack whilst summoning a decoy which distracts and attacks enemies. The decoy later causes a vortex before it disappears, drawing enemies together.

Depending on which path is chosen, Starcast can either upgrade the decoy or Megastar.

The path Megastart Me Up allows the Megastar to do a powerful, shockwave-inducing stomp and even jump off, keeping the Megastar for a longer duration which also shatters Starcast's shurikens into deadly shrapnel when hit.

The path Enhance The Decoy causes the decoy to release six homing missiles that target enemies. The decoy gains a high damage boost for its basic attacks and, whilst hidden and the decoy is active, Starcast has a higher critical hit chance.

When his Sky-Chi is unlocked, Starcast gains an orbit of shurikens which he is able to kick towards surrounding enemies and ends with a shockwave. His Soul Gem unlocks the ability to transform the Megastar into a flying starcer, able to fire dark torpedo cannons and damage any enemy that the starcer collides with.


These are the starting and maximum Statistics for this Skylander in the Skylanders games.

  • Health: ??? (max. 0)
  • Speed: ?? (max. 48)
  • Armor: ?? (max. 30)
  • Critical Hit: ?? (max. 50)
  • Elemental Power: ?? (max. 50)

Warning: These stats are not used in any of the Skylander games. They are only listed for completeness reasons.

  • Strength: 300
  • Defense: 120
  • Agility: 280
  • Luck: 150


Basic Abilities
These abilities are available from the start of the game.
Soul Gem Ability
Requires Soul Gem from:
Sky Fortress
Sky-Chi Ability
Requires unlocking from the
Ninja Sensei Shrine
Interdimensional Shurikens Megastar Surfer
Flying Starcer
A Real Kick in the Shurikens
Primary Ability
Press Attack 1 to throw shurikens from the dark dimension. On impact, shurikens cause a rift that may shift enemies around.
Secondary Ability
Press Attack 2 to summon a giant rideable Megastar
Price: 4000
Press Attack 2 while riding the Megastar to morph it into a flying saucer! Then press Attack 1 to unleash dark torpedo cannon goodness.
View Sky-Chi
The ultimate Sensei attack! Hold Special Attack to perform your Sky-Chi Power and send a barrage of shurikens hurtling towards the enemy.
View Soul Gem
Basic Upgrades
Skylanders can buy new abilities from Persephone/Power Pods.
Shadow Form Decoy Extra Dimensional Shurikens Dense Dimensional Shuriken Get Over Here!
Price: 500
Press Attack 3 to summon a decoy from the darkness. Enemies will ignore Starcast when the decoy is active.
Price: 700
Keep tapping Attack 1 to finish the combo with two larger and more powerful shurikens.
Price: 900
Press Attack 1 while surfing the Megastar to throw a huge extra heavy exploding Shuriken
Price: 1200
Press Attack 3 and the Shadow Form Decoy will summon a vortex, which brings nearby enemies closer before he attacks.
Megastart Me Up
View Enhance the Decoy
Enhance the giant rideable Megastar.
Star Stomp Star Leap Star Shards
Price: 1700
While surfing the Megastar, press Attack 3 to do a shockwave inducing stomp attack.
Price: 2200
Press the Jump button to leap off the Megastar, which stays there a while and damages enemies.
Price: 3000
Interdimensional Shurikens now shatter into many smaller but deadly pieces when they hit the Megastar.
Enhance the Decoy
View Megastart Me Up
Upgrade the Shadow Form Decoy.
Star of the Show Dark N' Powerful Sharp and to the Point
Price: 1700
Shadow Form Decoy shoots SIX homing projectiles.
Price: 2200
Shadow Form Decoy now does even more damage!
Price: 3000
Homing projectiles now pierce enemies. Also, Starcast has a greater critical hit chance when Shadow Form Decoy is active.


Dimensional Shuriken (Active)

[1 Enemy]
IInflicts 37% of ATK as damage to 1 enemy 4 time(s), and grants the [Diminish] Effect for 2 turn(s) with a 40% chance each whenever you attack accurately.

Mana cost: 5
Cooldown: 2 seconds


Shuriken Drop (Active)

[1 Enemy]
Grants the [Stealth] Effect on yourself for 2 turns when charging begins. After charging for 1 turn, inflicts 59% of ATK as damage to 1 enemy and the nearby enemies. Able to put the enemy in Knockdown Status.

Mana cost: 2
Cooldown: 3 seconds


Spinning Whirlwind Attack (Active)

Inflicts 21% of ATK as damage to all enemies 3 time(s).

Mana cost: 5
Cooldown: 4 seconds


Hit and Run Ninja (Passive)

Grants the [Stealth] Effect on yourself for 4 turn(s) if the attacked enemy falls into the Break or Knockdown status after attacking the enemy. Additionally, grants the [ATK UP] 10% Effect on yourself for 2 turn(s) if you're granted with the [Stealth] Effect.

Mana cost:


Alien Insight (Leader)

Recovers your HP by 10% of your MAX HP if the [Stealth] Effect is granted on you when the turn begins and grants the [Critical Damage UP] 10% Effect on yourself for 3 turn(s).
Leader Effect
Recovers the team member's HP by 5% of the team member's MAX HP if the [Stealth] Effect is granted on the team member when the turn begins.

Mana cost:


Battle Cries

  • "A Shot in the Dark!"
  • "I have fallen from the sky to make your Imaginators stronger. Together, our powers will be astronomical." - Sensei Training Bonus
  • "And for those who have chosen the path of the Ninja, I shall bestow onto them a secret technique." - Secret Technique Bonus
  • "Only in darkness can you see the stars." - ringing a Battle Gong
  • "Star power!"
  • "Going dark!"
  • "Starry night!"
  • "Excellent."
  • "No escape!"
  • "Cool!"
  • "Space time."
  • "The cover of darkness."
  • "Its about to go dark." - entering a battle
  • "I shall embrace this pack with open arms!"
  • "Under the cover of darkness."
  • "Moving at the speed of dark."
  • "The stars have fallen - on my enemies." - After a battle
  • "An all-star performance."
  • "Things just took a dark turn for my enemies." - Leveling up
  • "My stars have never shown darker."
  • "These numbers are quite astronomical." - checking stats
  • "Yes, I am pretty good, but I think you know that already."
  • "Sensei supernova!" - Sky-ChiA Real Kick in the Shurikens
  • "That is what I call a big bang." - End of Sky-chi

Character Trailer




  • Starcast is one of the few multi-armed Skylanders, others being Slam Bam and Thrillipede.
    • His color scheme and appearance bear a resemblance to Legendary Slam Bam, though his figure is slightly translucent, as can be seen when held up to a light source.
    • Additionally, he bares strong resemblances to both Slam Bam and Star Strike. His body shape is very similar to the yeti, and he is also an extraterrestrial with featureless eyes much like her. Coincidentally, Starcast and Slam Bam are both voiced bye Fred Tatasciore, and he and Star Strike do not originiate from Skylands.
  • Both Starcast and Flashwing were summoned or created by wishes, having no memories prior to them.
  • His color scheme resembles the night sky, the stars on his body even twinkle.
  • Both Starcast and Spotlight were summoned by Master Eon's will.
  • Both Ka-Boom and Starcast have outfits but are shirtless.
  • While on a rail in a grind challenge, he is seen running on it instead of actually sliding.
  • If Starcast uses his Interdimensional Shurikens while jumping, he will shoot down four shurikens and somersault when he hits the ground.
  • Like Stealth Elf, Starcast employs the decoy based ninjutsu art known as the Bushin No Justu, by deplyoing a decoy that distracts or fools enemies, allowing him to escape or otherwise confuse the enemy.
  • Starcast's shurikens are shaped just like the Hira Shaken, which were shuriken that commonly had a hole in them, and were of many different shapes. They were aerodynamic and easy to carry as they could be placed on one's belt.
    • However, the manner in which Starcast deploys the shurikens are much more combat oriented and fictionalized rather then the much more tactical and defensive real life appliances.
  • One of his upgrades, "Get over here!" is a reference to a quote from Scorpion, a character from the Mortal Kombat franchise.
  • Starcast bears multiple similarities to Hidden Phantom, one of the Four Guardians in the Mega Man Zero series. Both of them are ninja with dark or shadow elementality, both use shuriken in combat and even ride a bigger one, and use clones in combat to distract enemies.
  • Starcast, Spyro, Dino-Rang, Star Strike, Enigma, Hammer Slam Bowser, Turbo Charge Donkey Kong, Crash Bandicoot, and Dr. Neo Cortex are the only Skylanders who do not originate from Skylands.

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