Spyromania is the first episode of Skylanders Academy Season 2.


Spyro wants to prove that he has his own superpower like the other Skylanders, and he's going to need it when he gets into a dangerous situation.


Not more than a few days after the attack to the Academy, Team Spyro is having a interview on their unique superpowers for Sky13 Action News in their house, hosted by the anchor Claire. When it's Spyro's turn, he gloats about his dragon powers of flying and breathing fire, but those are already natural for dragons and Claire is looking for his own superpower that made him an integral member of the Skylanders. Unable to answer, Eruptor vomits lava from Spyro's nervousness.

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After the interview, Master Eon prepares to escort Claire home with his beloved hover podium, only to find it missing, stolen by someone. Eon tasks the Skylanders of finding the perpetrator and retrieving the podium. The Skylanders undergo investigation to gather leads, but Spyro becomes caught up of trying to prove his capabilities he interferes much of the work of his other members.

At the Falling Forest, the Doom Raiders gather as Chompy Mage is gravely distraught after mistakenly abandoning his puppet that ended up incarcerated in Cloudcracker Prison. Golden Queen orders a rescue mission, while Kaos gets sidelined in the operation regardless of his advice. Meanwhile, Spyro becomes too upset and obsessed to assist in the investigation as he envies his other teammates own superpowers even when Stealth Elf and Eruptor tries to tell him his dragon powers are enough. Noticing that Flashwing, his only other dragon acquaintance, won't help him how to discover new abilities, Eruptor advises that he just let himself be as a Skylander and that eventually he'll discover his hidden superpowers. Unfortunately, Spyro misinterprets this as to be in a situation that will force his superpowers to be revealed and leaves to get started.

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At Cloudcracker Prison, Snap Shot gathers the entire prison's staff in his office to celebrate his last day in the prison before retiring, ignoring their complaints that they were forced to be part of it. With the low security elsewhere, the Doom Raiders are able to find Chompy Mage's puppet's holding cell with ease. Chef Pepper Jack prepares to blow up the cell, ignoring Kaos's advice that they break it quietly, and just as he thought, the noise alerts Snap Shot and the entire staff.

Spyro asks to borrow the remaining time of Jet-Vac's session with the cadets, by asking the cadets to throw all their powers at him in the hopes his superpower be revealed. However, Master Eon orders them to stop the misguided plan and Spyro gets called into Eon's headquarters. Due to Spyro's erratic behavior he gets suspended from his Skylander activities, but gives Spyro another idea of how to find his superpower during his scolding and leaves. Shortly after, Spyro answers a telephone call where the caller inadvertently reveals himself to be the villain Bomb Shell, attempting to gain ransom for the stolen podium.

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Using Eon's advice, Spyro decides to face him alone and he manages to locate Bomb Shell thanks to his call. In a faraway island, Spyro confronts Bomb Shell, but is overwhelmed by the barrage of bombs and is unable to counter with his fire as Bomb Shell holds out a coconut designed as a bomb that can blast them both off. Meanwhile, Eon and the Skylanders return to headquarters. They discover Spyro's actions and prepares to set off and assist him in battle.

The Doom Raiders are blocked from escaping the prison by Snap Shot's formidable forces. Kaos advises the Golden Queen to turn them all into gold as to buy time for their escape, but falls into deaf ears. But when Golden Queen expresses the same idea, Kaos lashes out in deep frustration and unleashes a powerful burst of evil energy that it knocks out Snap Shot's forces and even the Doom Raiders. The resulting burst disarms the entire facility, opening the gateway for their escape.

Bomb Shell demands that Spyro abandon the fight or he gets blasted. Spyro gives up, knowing he failed to reveal any of his superpowers. Bomb Shell then decides to throw the coconut bomb at Eon's podium, but the coconut turns out to be an actual coconut. To their horror, they realize that the actual coconut bomb is still active among the scattered coconuts. They quickly try to scour it, in which Spyro manages to find it. With only moments until it detonates, Spyro realizes that Bomb Shell can't defuse it and so the coconut erupts into a powerful explosion that throws Bomb Shell out of the island. Shortly after, the Skylanders arrive but seem to be too late as Spyro is nowhere to be seen in the thick smoke. But Jet Vac uses his weapon to blow away the smoke and reveals that Spyro is still alive. The Skylanders are relieved as Spyro finally finds his own superpower, impenetrable dragon scales.

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The Doom Raiders return to the forests, where an upset Kaos is still disheartened of being fully accepted by the Doom Raiders. But Golden Queen tells him that, thanks to his powers, they will now treat him as an official member. Claire returns for an update on the Skylanders on Spyro's recent victory against Bomb Shell and thanks his fellow team mates for their support. Master Eon thanks Spyro personally for the retrieval of his precious podium. Spyro expresses his excitement in discovering more of his other hidden capabilities by starting to learn about his dragon ancestors. Eon then becomes visibly nervous about Spyro's decision but appreciates Spyro's commitment. When Spyro leaves, Master Eon's worst fear has finally began and he enters the Relics Room to begin measures into keeping Spyro's dragon ancestry a secret.

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  • Spyro develops impenetrable scales during his battle with Bomb Shell.
  • Kaos gains the recognition of the Doom Raiders, though Golden Queen is still intent in manipulating him.
  • Master Eon starts his efforts to remove any evidence about Spyro's ancestors from the Academy and nearby areas.
  • Snap Shot retires as both a Skylander and as the warden of Cloudcracker Prison.

Errors and Mistakes

  • The books on Eon's desk inexplicably disappear between several scenes. The stolen podium also disappears and changes locations between shots in the tropical island.


  • The title of the episode shares its name with a Skylanders: Battlecast character spell.
    • It is also based on the phrase "pyromania", which means a strong desire of setting things aflame.
  • Master Eon's hover-podium is called Edgar Allan Podium, as a pun on the name of the writer Edgar Allan Poe.
  • At the end of the episode, Spyro responds to Jet-Vac's description of his power with "shut the front door", which said aloud appears to be a creative replacement of a swearing expletive.
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