Spyro's #1 Fan is a young Mabu character who appears only in Skylanders: Lost Islands. As his name suggests, he is one of Spyro's biggest fans. Once recruited, Spyro's #1 Fan will give out 25% more Gold from everything Spyro (as well as Legendary Spyro, Dark Spyro and Spry) does, and also unlocks an exlcusive adventure called Spyro's Hometown.


There's no bigger Spyro fan in all the Skylands. Cheering as Spyro tackles Trolls or scares off Sheep, Spyro's #1 Fan is always there waving a Spyro flag.

"If you could ask Spyro one question, what would it be?" Spyro's #1 Fan says: "Will you sign my wing?!"

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