Split is the eleventh episode of Skylanders Academy Season 3.


To cure Spyro of his darkness, the Skylanders will have to go on a dangerous mission to find the venom of a fire viper.


After Dark Spyro's allegiance to Strykore was revealed, the Skylanders now has him heavily restrained at their home, unable to revert his good nature. Not even Master Eon and Kaossandra has any success on finding a cure, until Hugo arrives managing to find a book that contains a recipe that can remove Dark Spyro's corruption. However, one of the ingredients requires venom from a feared Fire Viper. Nonetheless, the Skylanders are determined to acquire it for Spyro's sake. As the team prepares to venture off, Hugo volunteers to join their dangerous mission as well but the Skylanders object reasoning that he is incapable of the risks.

The Skylanders stealthily infiltrate a sleeping Fire Viper family of three, but they fail to keep silent causing the Fire Vipers to wake up and imprison them. The Fire Vipers plan to eat them shortly after they wake up again for breakfast as they resume sleeping. To the Skylanders' surprise and relief, Hugo arrives, planning to rescue them, but decides to prove himself as a capable Skylander by going straight for the Fire Vipers. When the Fire Vipers reawaken, Hugo appears to be frightened to take action so the Fire Viper parents go in to devour him but realize that Hugo had tied up their tails earlier and they end up smacking against each other. With his parents' knocked out, the Fire Viper son tries to stretch his body as much as possible and almost ends up eating Hugo. Fortunately, Hugo grabs a large bone and uses it to keep the Fire Viper's mouth open whilst collecting venom. Once the vial is full, Hugo hurriedly tries to free the Skylanders and begins their escape, narrowly avoiding being trapped by the Fire Viper son.

Strykore calls on Glumshanks for being the subject of his cloning machine, since Strykore was unable to gather a Troll army, he decides creating clones of Glumshanks will fit as a substitute instead. Glumshanks is more than happy to oblige, seeing this as an opportunity to have some company, especially if its himself. Shortly after, Glumshanks begins interacting with dozens of his clones. but he gets a taste of his annoying personality as his clones disregard him.

The Skylanders return to their home as Pop Fizz begins creating the serum for Dark Spyro. The Skylanders express their astonishment of Hugo's bravery and cunning after facing of three Fire Vipers and rescuing them in the process, they even begin to agree on letting Hugo be a regular Skylander though quickly decide to hold off as Hugo still fears sheep. Finally Pop Fizz finishes the serum, subsequently taking the detained Spyro to the Library as they prepare to administer it. Dark Spyro continues throwing harsh comments against the Skylanders and solidifying his loyalties to Strykore as he is determined to resist drinking the serum. Pop Fizz manages to get him to drink the serum by adding an irresistible root beer flavor. The Skylanders take cover as the serum begins to take effect. Dark Spyro first let out a belch, then floats in the air as a flash of light emitted in his body which changed him back to Spyro and the Skylanders quickly embrace his return. The serum, however, caused the separation of Spyro's evil entity to take form as a clone. Spyro's evil duplicate, Dark Spyro, quickly threatens the Skylanders, especially his good counterpart. Spyro decides to battle Dark Spyro out of harm's way as the purple dragon takes his evil counterpart outside the Academy.

Strykore gathers the clones in the Meditation chamber for their ultimate objective, but Glumshanks lashes out, greatly infuriated by his clones' sarcastic and annoying jabs at him, greatly wishing for Kaos to return. Coincidentally, Kaos arrives and Glumshanks is relieved to see him again. Kaos delivers Strykore's most desired item: the Map to Arkus. Kaos humbly hands it over to him, eager for his father's respect. Though Strykore is proud, he quickly gets rid of Kaos by creating a portal that sucks Kaos in. With the map finally in his hands, Strykore orders an immediate march to the Island of Arkus to acquire the Iron Fist and destroy the Core of Light. Strykore's troll army happily carries his orders, while a saddened Glumshanks reluctantly follows suit.

Outside Skylander Academy, Spyro and Dark Spyro are engaged in an epic showdown against each other. While Spyro manages to hold him off, Dark Spyro eventually gets the upper hand thanks to his enhanced evil powers. Down below, the Skylanders cheer on in support of Spyro, motivating him to carry on the fight. Tired of his hopeful spirit, Dark Spyro decides to deal the finishing blow, as he unleashes a huge burst of purple flames with Spyro counteracting this by unleashing his own huge burst of flames. When both of their flames clash, a massive discharge erupts. When it clears, Master Eon and the Skylanders fears no one could've escaped the impact. But in the aftermath, only Spyro survives. The Skylanders happily embrace Spyro, though Spyro is confused as he feels he doesn't deserve to be forgiven especially from Stealth Elf, as he witnessed all of his evil self's misdeeds. Stealth Elf explains that despite his evil actions, she knew it wasn't the real Spyro. Master Eon rekindle their relationship as they all group hug.

Meanwhile, Strykore's portal finally spits out Kaos to an unknown area. His father's betrayal, causes Kaos to commit his revenge upon him by planning to get ahead of his father to the island of Arkus and wear the Iron Fist for himself, while also being the most powerful being of the Skylands. But first, Kaos needs to figure out how to escape the cell he was teleported in, which he realizes is buried deep at the ocean floor. He says: “Typical.”

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  • Spyro is separated from Dark Spyro and defeats him.
  • Strykore creates an army of Glumshanks clones to serve as his army.
  • Kaos gives Strykore the Map to Arkus and is imprisoned in an underwater prison cell.
  • Strykore starts making his way to the Lost Island of Arkus.


  • Both this episode and the Season 2 episode Split Decision have the word "split" in the title.
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