The Spirit Dragster is Count Moneybone's signature Vehicle, unlocked by the Land Trophy. It is the opponent vehicle during the Boss Pursuit in The After Party, and during the Villain Race on the same track at the end of the Malevolent Tour. It attacks using a large machine gun hidden in its coffin and a bomb that releases ghosts fired from its exhaust.



  • The coffin in the front looks similar to the door to the Underworld used by Moneybone as transport for him and his inventions in Skylanders: Swap Force 3DS, serving a similar purpose. However, it has mechanical decorations instead and the bones on the corners are arranged to look like car equipment.
    • The vehicle's design, such as the coffin on the front and the overall shape, also resembles the Crypt Crusher.
  • It has a slightly different appearance in the Racing, having an organ motif and the machine gun mounted over the coffin's frame.
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