“Prepare, for a spanking!!!!”
    —Spike McPokerton before fighting the Skylander

Spike McPokerton is a Nightmare BirdBrain who is one of the Nightmare Villains in the Nintendo 3DS version of Skylanders: Trap Team.

Nightmare Pages

  • "He loves to invade the dreams of unsuspecting sleepers, making him a menacing creature that should be approached with extreme caution partly because he is dangerous, but mostly because he has never taken a bath."
  • "It isn't known where exactly Spike comes from, as he never seems to tell the truth about anything. He claims his father is a one-legged grizzly bear named Terrence."
  • "When invading dreams, Spike always uses his catchphrase (which he claims is famous), "Spike's coming, so watch out for pokey stuff!".
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