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Spiders are enemies that usually inhabit the regions of the underworld in the Skylanders series. Though mostly looking like normal, if real life spiders were huge, gruesome and colorful, many have abilities to greatly hinder their targets.

List of Spiders


  • These spiders only have four legs (except Gargantula has six and the Spiderlings in Battlecast have eight) unlike the spiders in real life.
  • There is also an additional green spider which resembles the Spider Swarmers but larger. It is seen briefly as it chases after T-Bone and also appears as an enemy in Hex's Heroic Challenge. It only hangs on that very spot but will indeed attack at very close range.
  • Like Enfuego Chompies, Spiderling will explode when in close contact.
  • In the Crawler Canyon location of Operation: Troll Rocket Steal in Skylanders: Trap Team, there are red versions of the Spiderlings carrying leaf-like platforms on their backs. Unlike the spiders in Spyro's Adventure and Giants, they don't act as enemies.