“It's not the bite you shouldn't fear.”

Spiderlings are small spider enemies in Skylanders: Giants that normally attack in numbers and explode on contact. They replace Spider Swarmers and are as weak as Chompies. They will either pop out of Spider Spitters which will continually spawn them until destroyed, or a single group will spawn from a defeated Gargantula. Like Chompies, they can also be defeated by Giants by simply walking on them.

A Spiderlings is featured in the Boo! Undead Spell Card in Skylanders: Battlecast.



  • In-game, it incorrectly says 'Spiderling', leaving out the S.
  • Though they're identical in model and behavior to Spider Swarmers, they're slightly different in textures because of the graphical updates in Giants, having more vibrant colors and a lighter shade of green.
  • Unlike in the console series and card art, in Battlecast, a Spiderlings has eight legs like a spider instead of four.
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