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Spell Punks are mysterious enemies in the Skylanders series. They are wizards who only use their magic to cause mischief, and most of them work for Kaos.


Different Spell Punks have different abilities, either through supporting their allies or attacking the player. Each of them has the power to wield one of the elements of Skylands or a completely different ability, varying in different appearances and attacks. When they are defeated, the Spell Punks disappear in a billow of magical energy of their respective element.

In later Skylanders adaptions developed after Skylanders: Giants, the Spell Punks are capable of defending themselves by firing bolts of magic at the Skylanders rather than keeping a safe distance. Some of them even have different elemental abilities to help assist other enemies. In Skylanders: Battlecast, they are among the more common enemies in each realm. All Spell Punk's have base 40 power and 160 HP. Spell Punks also carry a special elemental wand that takes effect whenever a spell from it's element is played; they can also craft cards of their respective elements to assist in fighting.


Gill Grunt and the Curse of the Fish Master

A guild of Spell Punks played a role in creating the Mask of Power millennia ago for the Nightmare King, who was a follower to The Darkness and wanted to destroy the Core of Light.

Skylanders: SuperChargers

Within the first book about The Darkness written by Pomfrey, it is revealed that in the distant past, the Spell Punks unearthed the Dark Rift Engine to awaken The Darkness, to which they succeeded.

Skylanders: Battlecast

Spell Punks of various elements lead bands of Chompies and other enemies in non-Boss missions, almost always carrying an Elemental Wand, a Gear with the ability to attack alongside an Elemental Spell, and Craft spells that can summon elemental cards. Strangely, they have entirely different voices than in previous games, saying battle cries and grunts of frustration in warped intelligible noises.

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  • No one knows what Spell Punks look like beneath their giant hoods, but many suspect that their heads are as pointed as their hoods.[1]
  • All eight Spell Punk elements have a small version of their element symbol, on the middle of their robe to easily identify which element that Spell Punk is from. In the first two games and Battlecast, they also had different swirl patterns on their hats (with Tech Spell Punks having a chrome texture instead).
  • In Gill Grunt and the Curse of the Fish Master, Spyro mentioned that Spell Punks don't usually work together.[2]
  • A Spell Punk is mentioned in Buckshot's backstory; a villain that attempted to banish every Sky-Faun from Skylands by trapping them in another realm.
  • Starting from Swap Force, which was developed by Vicarious Visions, the Spell Punks have a more sinister appearance and throw magic beams in a manner similar to baseball.
  • As of Imaginators, Earth and Tech Spell Punks are the only two elements that haven't returned since the first game, with the exception of their Spyro's Adventure models in Battlecast.
  • Life Spell Punks are seen more often than others of different elements.
  • The Light "Spell Punks" seen in the 3DS version of Skylanders: Trap Team, in Sunscraper Spire, are actually Light Raven Summoners, easily confused due to their identical robes and the marble-like texture lacking most details.
  • The older Spell Punk models in Spyro's Adventure and Giants appear to have large claws for arms, unlike the arm-like appendages in the newer models. When they are not casting any spells, the older models constantly scratch their claws together.
  • In Skylanders: Superchargers, the Fire Spell Punks' color scheme has changed to the that of the Time Spell Punks' from Skylanders: Swap Force, rather than staying red.


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