“Spell Punks from each elemental class rule this island and it's time someone took them down a peg. Plus, they've aquired an ancient book of magic and I shudder to think what terrible schemes they plan on using it for. Get rid of those creepy guys and bring the book back to safer hands!”

Spell Punked! is a Heroic Challenge in Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure that is unlocked by Voodood. It uses a map similar in design to Leviathan Lagoon and requires the ancient Book of Magic to be collected in under four minutes and thirty seconds.

The Skylander must defeat all eight Spell Punks (listed below in their respective sequence). Most of these Spell Punks are located on wooden platforms that are scattered around the islands, similarly to the Squiddlers in Lobs O' Fun; these Spell Punks maybe be defeated with nearby Bombs if the Skylander does not have any high-reaching attacks. To proceed to each each next section, the Skylander must defeat all enemies in that section, including the section's Spell Punk, and not including any Chompies that are found in barrels. After all eight sections are cleared, the book of magic is revealed; the Skylander may then collect it to complete the Challenge.

Enemies (Listed by Element)










  • Drobot's Afterburners can surprisingly reach most elevated Spell Punks without the need for Bombs.
  • The Fire and Earth Spell Punks are not elevated on wooden platforms.
  • If the Undead Spell Punk summons any Rhu-Babies before it is defeated, the Skylander is prompted to "clear out all these lil critters" before the book of magic is revealed.

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