The Spell Punk Library is a mysterious, cursed library in Skylanders: SuperChargers. It houses many ancient books that date back to many centuries past, including books that tell the history and origins of The Darkness. Anyone that opens a cursed book from the library will be literally pulled into the book and take part in whatever story it tells. Only a Spell Punk can navigate through the library.

After defeating Spellslamzer, the large Spell Punk informed the Skylanders that the Book about The Darkness is within the Halls of the Ancients section of the Spell Punk Library.


  • Investigate the Spell Punk Library
  • Talk to Cali

Book 1: The Darkness

  • Get to the Temple

Book 2: Charge of the First Light Squadron

  • Destroy the Mothership

Book 3: The Ancients Plan

  • Reach Ancients Peak

Book 4: The Hydra

  • Get to the Bottom

Book 5: The Core of Light

  • Defeat The Darkness



  • According to the concept art, Spell Punks were originally planned to be inhabitants of the Library and were not enemies to the Skylanders.
    • Concept art and 3D level designs of the standard, past and present versions of the Spell Punk Library reveals that a time-travel theme was planned but was ultimately scrapped.[1]
    • The original theme of the level would also include it being attacked by the scrapped Ocu Shocks and other Cyclopses, as well as an aerial battle with Sky vehicles as many buildings are destroyed in the crossfire.[2]
  • According to Cali, the library is enormous, and even if it wasn't cursed it would still take years to find the right books.


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