The Spectral Dreadnaught is an enormous ghost ship that attacked the Dread-Yacht in Skylanders: Giants. In the chapter, Aerial Attack!, the Skylanders must sink it in order to stop the ghost ship attack and reach Drill-X. It has an entire pirate fleet at its command, including zeppelins, cannon ships, and a ghost galleon. It has several cannons that must be destroyed using the Bag O' Boom's bombs. It has an array of deadly propellers on deck, as well as some pistons that can crush your Skylander below decks. It appears to have some mines and boulders wih large guns attatched to them in storage.

The Dreadnaught's crew includes ghost versions of Bag O'Booms, Armored Goliaths, Armored Archers, Mace Majors, Chompy Bot 9000s and Jawbreakers. Trog Wanderers are also encountered in the Water elemental zone.


  • Its appearance may be a reference to the plot of the 3DS version of the game.
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