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“A flying friend with some interesting firepower”
    —Master Eon

Sparx the Dragonfly is a Magic Item that comes with the Dragon's Peak Adventure Pack. When placed on the Portal of Power, Sparx attacks enemies with his rapid fire breath shot, but he can only last for about a minute. When the enemies are defeated, and if they are hit by Sparx's fireballs, they turn into butterflies which the Skylanders can eat to regain their health.

In Skylanders: SuperChargers, where Magic Items are decorations, Sparx is unique in that he'll follow the Skylander around the Academy for some time when not hovering around the spot he was placed on.



  • Sparx the Dragonfly is based off of the yellow dragonfly from the original Spyro series under the same name. In SuperChargers, his effect of following the player is also a reference to his role in those games.
  • A trophy of Sparx is mentioned in the backstory of the dragonfly Skylander, High Five. In legend, the trophy is said to hold magical powers.
  • Sparx is one of several characters to appear in a franchise prior to the Skylanders series.
    • Like Malefor, Sparx's size as well as his design was altered, now being nearly as big as Spyro and other small Skylanders.
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