Space Invaders is the sixth episode in the Skylanders Academy television series.


Stealth Elf finds trouble when she gets stuck inside Kaos's mind, and she has to convince the others that she's trapped so they can help her escape.


After their escape from Cloudcracker Prison in the previous episode, Kaos and Golden Queen arrive at his guest castle, but to his surprise, the other Doom Raiders had already arrived and were using the room as they saw fit. Kaos tries to question Glumshanks, who explains that he was too distracted by conversations with them to stop the villains from entering, until both are interrupted by Golden Queen. The sorceress explains that the region and his room are covered by a shroud of dark magic that would help keep them undetected by the Skylanders, though Dreamcatcher questions Kaos' ownership of the castle, as his panels are covered in fanart and photos of the Queen.

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Before he can change the subject, however, the group is approached by Kaossandra, who recognizes Golden Queen and is welcomed in turn, and Kaos responds with surprise. His mother explains that the sorceress saw each other in Soulless Cycle "all the time", before leaving with the Queen to catch up with conversation. With his attention removed even from the other Doom Raiders messing up the room, Kaos expresses his disbelief that his crush knows his mother, but Glumshanks advises him to be more worried about an upcoming restraining order.

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  • The Doom Raiders hide out in Kaos's guest castle after their escape from Cloudcracker Prison.
  • Kaossandra and Golden Queen are revealed to be friends, and the golden statue immediately moves to the main castle.

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  • Kaos' muscular image in his head is similar to Ka-Boom's body.
  • Stealth Elf references Dorothy's phrase "I don't think we're in Kansas anymore" from The Wizard of Oz.
  • Stealth Elf questions if Kaos' mind realm is Heaven before discovering the truth, being the first instance of a character in either canon holding beliefs about an afterlife other than the Underworld.
  • When approached by Kaos' astral projection, Pop Fizz at first points out that "these are some trippy marshmallows", mistaking the sorcerer for a hallucination. This is one of the several adult references in the show.
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