The Soulless Cycle is a well known gym in Skylanders Academy's Campus Town, in the Skylanders Academy TV show. Despite its location within the campus, it is a more common place to discover villains rather than heroes, though its membership has known issues.


The gym has been a popular socializing location for decades, and the place where Kaossandra and the Golden Queen caught up while exercising, before their falling out.

Season 1

Though only mentioned in passing at the start of Space Invaders, it makes its brief, first full appearance in The Skylands Are Falling!. Unaware of the world-destroying evil imbalance, Golden Queen was exercising at the gym, and when it was suddenly restored, she regained her urge to do evil acts. Without hesitating, she turned around to fire a gold spell upon the entire room, and left the transformed room and its handful of Mabu to their own devices.

Season 2

The gym returns in The People vs. Pop Fizz, where, after being denied his membership cancellation, Fisticuffs went on a rampage in an attempt to regain his unjustly lost money. Though Team Spyro arrived to try and calm him down, they were interrupted by Pop Fizz, even more absent-minded than usual, who ended up being used by the villain as a weapon. With the entire Skylander team incapacitated, Fisticuffs stole the nearest bike machine, and left the town somewhat satisfied with something of value.



  • Only villains and Mabu have been seen using the gym, including the prisoner at large Golden Queen. They are most likely allowed to roam the area for the sake of using few locations in the show.
  • The gym is named after the fitness brand SoulCycle.


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