RoH Soul Stone Exchange Ticket

A scroll used for exchanging Soul Stones of a Skylander of the same rank.

Soul Stones are shards of a Skylander's scattered soul in Skylanders: Ring of Heroes, used to summon Skylanders and created from the Spring of Souls. Each correspond to their Skylander and are speculated to be pieces of their being; with more needed the higher the Skylander's rank is.

Soul Stones can also be obtained from the Realm of Souls, Exchange Scrolls or converted using stones obtained from Mirage Tower.

In the Realm of Souls, the shards are to concentrated that they create illusionary copies of the Skylander and alter the field around it to a corrupted version of another area of the Shattered Islands, and the Villains that become playable are actually illusions created by the Soul Gems; implying that they also hold a character's memories.

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