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“Be Afraid of the Bananas!”
    —Sorcerer Doomlander's catchphrase

The Sorcerer Doomlander is the first boss in Skylanders: Imaginators, and the first Doomlander created by Kaos in his attempts to control Mind Magic.


Before becoming a sorcerer, this Doomlander was quite durable, as Spyro's fire breath and Stealth Elf's daggers couldn't harm him. His considerable strength was enough to knock away Stealth Elf far back just by stomping his foot upon the ground.

As a Sorcerer, the Doomlander can attack by blasting magic orbs. In addition, after losing his gear, he will fire a large homing Magic Energy Orb, after losing more of his gear, he can summon Top-Chops to add him in battle, and even create a magical blast to repel the Skylanders.


Originally an enemy without a Battle Class, the Sorcerer Doomlander first appeared in the form of a dark magic streak that invaded Skylander Academy until it reached the Library. He emerged in his true form, holding a book about Mind Magic Kaos was seeking. The Skylanders, Spyro and Stealth Elf, attempted to stop him, but their attacks proved ineffective. The arrival of the Senseis drove the Doomlander towards the Cradle of Creation, where Spyro would follow him. Once there, the Doomlander gave Kaos the Book of Mind Magic, giving Kaos the knowledge to use the ancient power to transform the Doomlander into a sorcerer. The Sorcerer Doomlander was assisted by Kaos throughout the battle by having Secret Techniques bestowed upon him, but was defeated in the end.



  • His ability to teleport during his boss fight might suggest he is of the Magic element, as one of the abilities of a Magic Imaginator is to perform a Trick Teleport.

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