“Softpaw, GOING DARK!”

Softpaw is a fox superspy in Skylanders: Swap Force who was the Skylander's contact in Kaos' Fortress. He lent the heroes the Scout Hazards to Evade and Escape Poncho (codename S.H.E.E.P.) to help them hide the Skylanders from security bots.

Afterwards Softpaw normally undergoes spy missions, wearing different disguises on his head depending on the type of operations he is in.


Skylanders: Swap Force

Softpaw was once a delivery driver for Baron Sharpfin but had big dreams of being a superspy. He spent his time making elaborate disguises, practicing eluding pursuit during deliveries and speaking in complicated code. This eventually came in handy when Kaos invaded the Cloudbreak Islands. Softpaw soon helped the Skylanders infiltrate Kaos' Fortress, and afterwards, has since been deployed on other (super-secret) missions.[1]

Skylanders: SuperChargers

In the Land of the Undead, Softpaw returned to help the Skylanders free Master Eon from Count Moneybone by infilltrating the count's detention center.

Secret Agent Secrets

While on a secret mission assigned by Buzz, Elites Voodood, Ghost Roaster and Boomer worked with Softpaw to infiltrate Spellslamzer's operations. Under the guise that they were working for Spellslamzer, they managed to fool their targets and even the SuperChargers, Spitfire, Nightfall and Stormblade, who were captured by the Elites. When Spellslamzer and the Elites began their attack on the Radiance Mines, Softpaw freed the SuperChargers from their chains and explained to them that the Elites never defected to the side of evil, but mentioned that working undercover could change a person and hoped they weren't too late. Unfortunately for Softpaw, Ghost Roaster was the only Elite who still wished to side with Spellslamzer, but after some encouragement from Stormblade, the ghoul was brought back to the good side.

Skylanders: Imaginators

Softpaw encounters the Skylander in the Rat Kingdom, where it is said the shady rats are hiding treasure. As the level has no final goal, the player must talk to him to exit.



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