Soda Springs is the introductory chapter in Skylanders: Trap Team. Soda of different flavors run through this land, providing the Mabu with enough soda for their annual festivals. The Doom Raider, The Gulper, landed in Soda Springs and began rampaging through the village while drinking all of the soda in the area, which causes him to grow bigger. It is up to the Skylanders to stop The Gulper and also capture an additional villain.


  • Find and defeat Sheep Creep
  • Save Soda Springs from disaster

Elemental Gates

Areas To Find

  • Sugar Plateau
  • Cola Stream
  • Backwash Spillway
  • Soda Flats
  • Hidden Flavor Grotto
  • Natural Ingredients Tree
    • Carbonated Plant
      • Element: Water
  • Seltzer Pit
  • Twisting Top
    • Melon Flavor Farm
      • Element: Life
    • Secret Ingredients
      • Element: Light
  • Sugar Free Landing
    • Zero Calorie Cavern
      • Element: Tech
  • Really Secret Spot
  • Grape Flavored Vista
  • Bottleneck Balcony
  • Fizzlewort's Rooftop

New Enemies

Wanted Villains

Villains Element
Sheep Creep Villain Icon.png Sheep Creep Life
Gulper Villain Icon.png The Gulper Water

Soul Gems


  • Turtle Hat
  • Melon Hat
  • Bucket Hat

Story Scroll

  • "Meditations on 'Boom'" - Chapter 1


  • The suction eel flavored soda used to defeat the Gulper was originally mentioned in the Kaos' Kastle level in Skylanders: Giants.
  • This is the only level in Trap Team not to include any Villain Quests. It might be because this is a tutorial level.
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