“We'll keep on keepin' on!”

Snagglescale is a southern-accented Gillman who appears in various missions throughout Skylanders: Swap Force; also offering arena battles for Skylanders in Woodburrow.

Despite claiming that he is the 'strong and silent type', silent Snagglescale is not, having the tendency to talk uninterrupted over a long period of time. Supposedly, he was a great gladiator in the past; claiming to have been 'a mite bigger' than he is now, as well as having the ability to do a hundred pull-ups with two Boghogs hanging on his legs. He also states that, as the undefeated champion, he could have won one-hundred straight matches. However, the score-boards did not go over ninety-nine, and he was forced to retire.


  • Supposedly, his grandpappy offered many tidbits of strange advice:
    • "There's no point in hanging the streamers if you can't come to the party."
    • "Flashfin keeps things from gettin' fishy."
    • "Fish don't paddle."
    • "A watched bobber never bobs."
  • Furthermore, he states that many people liken him to his grandfather for similar reasons, but claims to be far too quiet in comparison.
    • Humorously, he then goes on to chatter near non-stop, even offering some strange advice of his own pertaining to his days in the arena:
      • "Arena battles're fifty percent physical and seventy-five percent psych-E-O-logical."
      • "Without strategy, you're like a Sugarbat in a pile of carrots; bitter, confused, hungry, and soon-to-be unconscious!"
  • It can be assumed that Snagglescale is right-handed, by the way he holds his banjo.
  • He claims not to set 'fin' in the Gilly Village too often, for reasons unknown.
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