“Don't get slobbered!”
    —Game description

Slobbering Mutticus are big, animalistic enemies in Skylanders: Giants that are ridden by small Cyclopses. They attack with their claws and spit out green slime that slow down Skylanders. When their health is reduced to half, the Cyclops riding them will fall off the Slobbering Mutticus. After this, the Slobbering Mutticus will become faster and try to reach at the Skylanders with their claws.

In Lightning Rod Faces the Cyclops Queen, a Slobbering Mutticus was among the Cyclops forces fighting Kaos's Drow army for the possession of the Air Segment to the Mask of Power.



  • They resemble Wildmutt from Ben 10 series.
  • In Lightning Rod Faces the Cyclops Queen, the Slobbering Mutticus are depicted having only two legs.
  • A single Slobbering Mutticus and their rider were playable characters at the earliest stage of Spyro's Kingdom.[1]
    • The Mutticus's rider in Spyro's Kingdom seems to be a different being rather than a cyclops.
    • In Spyro's Kingdom, The Mutticus was originally part of the Magic element. However, a skystone in Giants had it stationed in the Water element.


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