The Skylands Community College is a cheap college alternative in Skylanders Academy's Campus Town, in the Skylanders Academy TV show. Despite its poor conditions and makeshift location, it is where Hugo obtained most of his legitimate PhDs, and Glumshanks' dwelling in Season 2.

Because of its student body and Hugo as its only teacher, the classes appear to be about simple regular school subjects, such as the syllabus. Classes are also taken either inside the building with regular teaching and movies, or in a nearby island under a tree for students to socialize.


Season 2

In Season 2, Glumshanks finally had a chance to obtain a degree without Kaos' abuse, also taking the opportunity to show off his usually repressed ego and boast about his literaly knowledge.

Though he ignored the lack of interest from the other students - Dale, Gary, a Cloudcracker Prison inmate and his squirrel - for most of the classes and was the only one listening to Hugo at all, Kaos eventually got him expelled in The People vs. Pop Fizz by egging other students into causing violations and taking advantage of Glumshanks' passive attitude.


  • Seemingly missing in Season 1, the Community College appears to have taken a building that was previously a mortuary, partially covered by the new sign.
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