A Skyland is a Portal Master's home in Skylanders: Universe. Players were able to customize their own Skylands by changing its decoration - from trees, to pillars, fountains and totems - and space, and were able to defend it from enemies in various minigames such as Sky Defense and Castle Assault. Lairs were also positioned on the player's Skylands. The favorite plants of the Skylanders residing on it also grew at various set spots.

The size could be increased up to 8 times the more Skylanders there were in the player's collection. Different elements also unlocked different Elemental themes, which changed the look of the island, the effects, and its breakables. Though not tied to themes, Viking and Holiday themed decorations were also released.



  • Though they granted similar amounts of treasure, each theme had their own breakable, though they sometimes could fail to spawn and be replaced by a default breakable instead.
    • Default(Pasture) breakables were various crates, barrels and vases, as well as spear racks and piles of bones or hay.
    • Air breakables were thick clouds and star-shaped crystals, possibly meteorites.
    • Earth breakables were sandcastles and odd stone statues made of flat rocks piled on top of one another.
    • Fire breakables were burning barrels and crates.
    • Life breakables were piles of acorns and garden gnomes.
    • Magic breakables were intricate vials and floating magical cubes.
    • Tech breakables were treasure chests and barrels full of gears.
    • Undead breakables were ominous potion bottles and tombstones.
    • Water breakables were blocks of ice containing vases or coins.
  • One of the holiday-themed items, a Winter Penguin Tree, could only be unlocked via codes. Placing it in the Skyland caused cartoon penguins to appear and wander around the island.


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