This page is dedicated to the rules in keeping the Skylanders Wiki a friendly and nice place. All users should read the rules before editing. Abide by the rules, and you will do fine.



Vandalizing the site via spam, offensive language, adding gibberish, re-writing pages with false information, removing content, etc.) isn't allowed on this wiki. Minor vandalizing will result in a warning, then a block if continued. Major vandalism will result in a long-term block.


We are aware that the Skylanders series is receiving major hatred from the older Spyro fanbase, who dislike the game franchise for certain reasons such as Spyro's redesign and the direction of the Spyro franchise. Any form of major hatred on the wiki this game is for will result in a long-term ban.


The Skylanders Wikia is not a place to advertise other websites. Any forms of advertisement will be deleted.


Please do not provoke other users on the wiki, such posts will be deleted. Further trolling or flaming after being warned will result with a temp ban or long-term ban depending on the amount of trolling done.


Do not spam comments such 'NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!', nor replace content in articles with spam. Comments such as these will be deleted/reverted.

Fan Art

No fan art are to be posted on any of the Skylander articles.

False Information

This wiki is for users who look on here for information on Skylanders that are valid and not false. Users who make repeated changes and adding false information will have their edits reverted. Any repeating of adding false information will result in that user being blocked for a while, or depending on the amount of edits, longer, and the page will be protected for a while.

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