Skylanders Unite! is the pilot episode in the Skylanders Academy television series.


The cadets come together for graduation day, but Spyro will need to overcome his bad attitude and big ego to join his friends as a Skylander.


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The episode begins with the narrator introducing the viewers to the world of Skylands. A purple egg hatches into a baby dragon named Spyro, who wanders away from the nest and encounters three evil Greebles. The Greebles plan on eating Spyro and the baby tried to breath fire, but only made a tiny flame. Two of the Greebles picked him up by the wings and brought him to the leader wanting Spyro to try again. But it was a big mistake, when the baby dragon breath a full blast of fire on the Greeble leader's face and proceeded knocking around another Greeble senseless. The third Greeble promptly admits defeat, with Spyro cheering for his own victory. A tall, old wizard known as Master Eon then approaches Spyro, having witnessed his efforts and coaxes him over with a half-eaten hot dog as a peace offering. Seeing how special Spyro is, the old wizard holds the baby dragon in his arms and carries him out of the forest.

Many years later, in Skylanders Academy, the headmaster assistant Hugo arrives from a teleport pad, racing through many Skylanders and cadets in an attempt to enter the school with a package. However, he is startled by a sheep that lands near him, which threatens him with fangs and red eyes until it is retrieved by Spyro, who was throwing it around. Though Spyro assures the sheep is harmless, it keeps making threatening gestures at Hugo, driving him to escape through a nearby corridor. Spyro, meanwhile, sights the dragon Flashwing, the sapient toy Wind-Up and the gremlin Trigger Happy below him, and lands to welcome the first-year cadets - however, quickly changing the conversation to be about himself.

Spyro Selfie.png

At Wind-Up's request for a group selfie, Spyro zips through him quickly taking a picture of himself alone, disappointing the robot. In the gardens nearby, Spyro's friends, the lava monster Eruptor and the ninja Stealth Elf, call him out on his self-praise; but he refuses to listen and takes a picture of his backside to Flashwing, which, to Eruptor's surprise, made her happy. Disappointed at Spyro, Stealth Elf teleports around him to throw a sheep repeatedly against his face to call his attention, until Eruptor could call him to finish their game of sheep ball. Spyro is unfazed by the punishment and teases Eruptor, making him erupt from his head volcano in response, but before Stealth Elf could calm them down, the class bell rings. Other cadets and Skylanders quickly run or fly to their rooms, and though the purple dragon keeps trying to tease his friends about losing the game of sheep ball to go to class, he is ignored, prompting him to assume he won and declare his victory by drawing his name with clouds.

In the main classroom, the warrior Chill, the sorceress Hex, the vampire Roller Brawl, the Grumblebum known as Bad Breath and the artichoke Food Fight are waiting for the class to start, under the watchful eye of Professor Jet-Vac. He is quickly scouring the class for any students arriving late for their final class, and when Stealth Elf reappeared from her teleportation, he calls her out on her tardiness. However, when Eruptor bursts through a nearby wall to reach the class, thinking that he wasn't noticed, Jet-Vac simply respondes with bewilderment and changes the subject to Spyro being late. On cue, however, Spyro lands on his seat, pleased with himself; this angers the Sky Baron to rant about his lack of dedication, but this only serves to feed Spyro's ego more. Seeing this as an opportunity to punish the class for his actions, Jet-Vac fires a quiz in various paper balls from his blaster, angering the other students as well. Though Spyro insists it isn't his fault, Eruptor points out that his victory cloud drawing is visible from the classroom, and Spyro diverts the subject before turning his attention to the test.

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Sometime later, at the Library, Hugo finally arrives and delivers his package to Master Eon, before sarcastically annoucing that he followed his orders to request Spyro's presence. Master Eon calls him out on his harshness as the Mabu leaves, before eagerly opening the package to reveal a beard spray; the wizard uses it on his frizzy beard to straighten it while singing the brand's jingle, before being interrupted by Spyro's arrival. Eon then questions him on his poor performance in an earlier quiz about Air Studies, but Spyro is convinced that, as the score is passable, it was enough. Noticing that Spyro was slacking off on his duties, Eon takes him to the second floor, where he reveals and opens the entrance to the Relics Room: a vault containing Skylands' greatest relics, from other Skylander teams' items to the Book of Skylanders. While he hungrily retrives a candy cane left in the vault, Spyro makes his way towards the book and asks for permission to touch it, only to be surprised and eletrocuted by the security system. Laughing at the dragon's naivete, Eon explains him that the book contains the portraits of every Skylander, and that he has longed for Spyro's time to be part of the group. Reminiscing about the purple dragon's childhood, Eon discusses how Spyro's talents may have inflated his ego to the point he no longer cares about others involved or putting effort into his actions, but unfortunately the dragon doesn't understand the point of the conversation. The wizard requests for him to perform well at the Skylander Games the next day and put his fears to rest, and to the dragon's dismay, starts to talk the villains that the Skylanders have to face with increasing frequency.

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Elsewhere, in a guest castle next to a terrifying fortress, the troll butler Glumshanks arrives with a scalding hot beverage and greets his sorcerous master, Kaos. Quickly, Kaos congratulates it, only to throw the beverage on the troll's face with a yell. Glumshanks grudingly compliments his master, who explains to him that he had just finished burying a prisoner to get him to talk, however, Kaos appears unaware of the actual objective. Quickly changing the subject, he announces to his butler his (newest) plan to destroy the Skylanders, involving his discovery about the Book of Skylanders, whose magical bindings to the heroes allow anyone that posesses the book to physically control them. Though Kaos insists that this newest attempt, out of 314, would prevail, Glumshanks questions him as the book is hidden inside Skylanders Academy; but the sorcerer retorts that it is removed from it during the graduation day at the Skylander Games, the perfect time to strike. Happy with his well structured plan, Kaos implies that he'll celebrate by torturing Glumshanks, who pleads for them to eat cake instead; and unknown to them, the prisoner stuck underground gives up and calls for Kaos as he's ready to talk.

Back at Skylands Academy's training island, Roller Brawl is running through a dangerous course with spinning blades and saws, destroying various obstacles. Once her turn is up, Stealth Elf prepares to enter it as Eruptor starts a timer, and the elven ninja runs through the course herself, using her blades and agility to dodge and stop the hazards. She arrives to the goal beating her personal record, and, relieved, tells Eruptor she is finally ready for the games, but also wondering about Spyro's whereabouts. Though Eruptor was told that he had "more important things" to do, they arrive on their house to discover a party is going on. Stealth Elf stops Food Fight to question him, and discovers that the cadets are throwing a graduation party even before the start of the games, complete with the veteran Skylander Ka-Boom as the bouncer. He stops them at the entrance despite it being their house, until Spyro arrives at the door to take them in. The two question the dragon's recklessness, but he responds that they need to have fun and distractions before their big day, and convinces them to join in.

Though they, other cadets and other Skylanders party and have fun, Spyro ends up staying up much longer than the others, and by morning, a good deal of furniture and items from their house are scattered around the area and the roof. By then, Eruptor and Stealth Elf look through the rooms in the house after the dragon, but he is nowhere to be seen. At a loss, they assume he went to the Skylander Games early and leave to the arena, but unknown to them, Spyro is at the roof of the house, sleeping soundly even after slipping off of it and falling on the garden.

At the arena, Master Eon and Hugo arrive on their mobile plataform, with Bad Breath, Hex, Eruptor and Stealth Elf waiting at their posts. The wizard welcomes the cadets, taking note of Spyro's absence, before starting the Games with Eruptor. When the lava monster steps out of his specified area, robots Troll come out from the various entrances to attack him, and he carefully aims at each to dispatch them with fireballs. Far from the Skylandes' vision, Kaos watches the games from behind the crowd, planning his upcoming attack. Once Eruptor defeats the remaining robots with a torrent of lava, his cooled areas momentarily catch fire, but he quickly puts them out until Eon announces the next stage of the trial, the use of a SuperCharger vehicle to defeat a group of villain holograms. Though Eruptor clumsily boards and activates the airship Sun Runner, nearly harming others, he quickly regains control to ram into the holograms sucessfully.

S1E1 Spyro Hologram Kaos.jpg

Once again at the Team Spyro Home, Spyro continues to sleep until he unknowingly inhales a bunch of petals, choking on the plants and spitting a large stream of fire in response. The garden's irrigation systems activate, finally waking the dragon with the sudden shower, and though at first he is unaware of the situation, Master Eon announcing Hex's trial can be heard from afar, and Spyro quickly flies off to the Games before it's too late. Minutes later, at the arena, the elven sorceress had sucessfully destroyed her wave of robot trolls, but barely, and returned to her post listening to her familiar, Skull, rant about their performance. Master Eon is about to announce Spyro's absence and the end of the Games, but at the last second, the dragon finally arrives. However, his tardiness does not go unnoticed, and Eon impatiently announces the start of his trial before he can catch his breath. The dragon sucessfully defends himself against a wave of ice weapons thrown at his direction by his wave of troll robots, but stops to show off between stages, and is caught off guard by a Kaos hologram that swiftly knocks him down, prompting the real sorcerer to compliment the simulation. Sometime later, Eon prepares to announce the graduates. Stealth Elf, Eruptor and Bad Breath pass with expectations to attend the graduation cerimony the next day, while Hex failed her test, having to hear more of Skull's ranting. Though Spyro still holds hope to pass as well, after a long pause, Eon announces he also failed the test, and leaves with disappointed comments on how he expects them to join the group someday. The other Skylanders leave soon after, and though Stealth Elf considers talking to her friend, she leaves with them. Time passes and rain finally falls from the overcast skies with the arena's crowd long gone, but Spyro stayed on his post even then, understanding the disappointment he caused.

This is why we cannot have nice things.png

The next day, Eruptor is cheerfully making pancakes for the trio's next meal using his own body heat at their home, until Stealth Elf unexpectedly teleports in and startles him. Regaining his composure, the two discuss that Spyro is still at his room, and while Eruptor hopes that his self-pity will be what finally makes the dragon become more humble, Stealth Elf argues otherwise and leaves to check on him; though not before teleporting in again to take a pancake along. However, her second trip has unexpected effects, as Eruptor was scared into spitting lava, melting the nearby furniture. She makes her way into Spyro's room, finding him wallowing on the steel beams, and invites him down to talk. Stealth Elf tries to convince the dragon that he can still prove himself to others as long as he stops his self-pity, as he's now aware that he let others down despite the high expectations for him, and gives him a light kick and encouraging words before leaving him with a pancake and making her way to the graduation cerimony.

The cerimony also takes place in the Skylander Games, where Master Eon welcomes the crowd and the graduates a second time. Elsewhere in the arena, Kaos and Glumshanks start the plan to reach the stage in sheep and female shepherd disguises, respectively, unnoticed by anyone despite their uncovered faces. However, Spyro still stayed behind at his house, lazily eating the leftover pancakes, until he takes notice of a picture from he, Stealth Elf and Eruptor's first day as junior cadets; reminded of his friendship, Spyro changes his mind and leaves to the arena to support the graduates. Quickly arriving, he gets his friends' attention by writing their names with clouds, only to disappoint them as the rest of his message is still about the dragon. Pretending to ignore the writing, Master Eon takes the Book of Skylanders from Hugo to draw the new Skylanders with his prehensile beard, while Kaos and Glumshanks lie in wait at the entrance of the stage, still trying to keep his gaze off of Spyro's cheering before the dragon leaves the crowd. The wizard orders Hugo to return the book to the Academy's vault, but as the Mabu leaves, Kaos ambushes him and startles the assistant with his sheep costume, causing him to drop the book into the sorcerer's hands and flee in terror. After some difficulty, Kaos and his butler reveal themselves, announcing his plan to seize the book and use its power to end the Skylanders.

Skylanders Eon.png

Wasting no time, Master Eon orders the Skylanders to attack and seize the book, and Jet-Vac steps in first to shoot with his blaster. His container is still filled with the paper quizzes from two days ago, however, and his attempts to fix the harmless weapon open him up to Kaos smashing his foot with the Book and putting him out of the fight. Pop Fizz, the gremlin professor, stands up next to fight, and starts preparing a concoction to battle. This gives Kaos enough time to find his picture on the tome and rip it apart, giving him control over the scientist's body to harm him and throw him out of reach. Eruptor quickly prepares to use fireballs from afar, but the evil sorcerer brings out a long-reach stapler and uses it on his page, puncturing the lava monster at a rate he can no longer take the pain and falls over. Bad Breath steps in, using his powerful belch, but despite Kaos having no way to dodge it, Glumshanks jumps in to block the attack and is incapacitated; and though his master is moved by his sacrifice, he's quickly frustrated by the smell on the rented clothing and turns his attention back to the fight. Though the headmaster orders the Skylanders to attack in unison, Kaos brings out a lighter to threaten the Book, only for Master Eon to mock his underestimation of the artifact's resistante; this prompts the villain to wonder if it can be frozen, however, and at the wizard's half hearted denial, Kaos uses a freezing spell on the book, affecting the nearby heroes before they could reach him.

In the arena's landing area, Spyro is singing to himself while eating a churro, until the crowd of the graduation cerimony runs and rolls out of the arena. The dragon stops a Mabu to discover what is happening, and after finding out about the disaster going on inside, flies in. Meanwhile, Kaos is boasting about his victory over the Skylanders, and has a brief discussion with Glumshanks over his power wielding ability before activating Eon's mobile plataform to escape, believing that they should enjoy his victory before destroying the Skylanders. The plataform dips behind the walls just as Eruptor attempts to free himself with an eruption, only for the cooled magma to block his face entirely. Spyro arrives soon after, and with a brief conversation with his friends, notices that, as he isn't a Skylander, he is unaffected by Kaos' spell; and though Stealth Elf pleads for him to escape, the dragon denies it and announces that he learned his lesson about self-sacrifice and working as a team.

Just in time, Kaos and Glumshanks accidentally swerve from their path around the arena, crashing right back in; and while Glumshanks leaves for the entrance on foot, Kaos is confronted by Spyro, who tells him about the various ways other people mock him for his large head while the sorcerer. Though at first he tries to swat the dragon away, he decides to walk away while talking, pulling Glumshanks from his one-way conversation with a frozen Skylander, the Crocgator Snap Shot, over a restaurant's corkage fee. Spyro soons makes his intentions clear, however, as he stops them in his tracks and slowly moves towards them; though Kaos tries to mock him by saying he is a "nobody" for not being a Skylander, the dragon is having none of it, and acts first by knocking Kaos back into the arena with a stream of fire.

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Despite the first hit from Spyro, Kaos gets on his feet quickly, dodging the next fireballs by sidstepping or using his fireproof robe, trying to attack the dragon back with shocks of dark electricity. The cadet flees into one of the arena's towers once the dark magic forces him away from his target, and he climbs down to ambush Kaos through the door. Before he can land another direct hit, however, Kaos strikes with the dark electricity, using it to smash him against the walls of the exit until he can no longer get up. With a maniacal laugh, the sorcerer summons a dark bubble and traps him inside, using it to knock him out and throw him out of the island. Satisfied with removing another obstacle, Kaos decides to vandalize the Academy's library, though not before coming back to the arena one more time; despite Master Eon's protests, Kaos breaks his largest lock of beard, giving it to Glumshanks as a "beard-sicle" and forcing him to eat it like a dessert.

With such a personal loss, the headmaster uses his last resort, telepathically trying to wake Spyro up from the bubble of dark magic; when Eon fails to get a response, he gets increasingly desperate, and finally wakes Spyro up when calling him a Skylander. At the Skylanders Academy Library, now covered in toilet paper, Kaos decides to finally destroy the Book of Skylanders and make his victory clear, grabbing a statue to break it apart, with no effect. He orders Glumshanks to grab the much heavier bust of Eon at the corner of the room, but the troll ends up activating the secret bookcase to the Relics Room; with quick wit, Kaos identifies a fake book to open the vault, and upon noticing the sensors identify facial hair, he seizes Glumshanks' beard-sicle to open the corridor. At last noticing his predicament, Spyro uses fire to make the bubble combust, and flies back to the Academy as fast as he can. Meanwhile, inside the Relics Room, the sorcerer and his butler are already enjoying the riches, until Kaos leaves the Book of Skylanders at its stand to investigate an odd dragon-themed shield. While using his astral powers to take pictures of its contents, Spyro arrives to stop them, breathing fire to attack. Kaos quickly uses his dark electricity, and though they are at odds for a moment, the sorcerer itensifies his spell and knocks Spyro back. With a gloat, he reaches up to grab the Book of Skylanders again to destroy it, but the dragon uses his tail to reach back at the security lever, shocking Kaos and momentarily stunning him.

S1E1 Spyro.jpg

Reminded of Eon's trick, Spyro approaches the sorcerer to take the book, but Kaos recovers quickly enough to hit him with the frozen tome. With Kaos hitting him repeatedly as he mocks that the dragon's power isn't enough to defeat him alone, Spyro is unable to defend himself, but uses one last stream of fire over the book before losing conciousness. With the defrosted and hot book, Kaos is distracted momentarily trying to cool it down and unknown to him, the group at the Skylander Games is freed. As punishment for his resistance, Kaos decides to bury Spyro alive, but as he and Glumshanks try to drag him out of the room, the Skylanders arrive to rescue the dragon and beat them out of the school. Falling off the island, Kaos and Glumshanks fall in a field of sheep; and though at first they're happy to have survived the fall, the sheep gather around them irritated, with the two realizing they aren't safe just yet.

Spyro earned Skylander title.jpg

Later on, Spyro regains his senses after having been placed on a table, but still feeling the pain of the previous fights. Realizing what he went through, Spyro announces that he feels ready for the next year's Skylander Games, but Eon announces that he will be made a Skylander on the spot, as he sacrificed himself to save his friends regardless of his role, finally proving his ability to be selfless. While the wizard hurriedly draws him in the Book of Skylanders, Spyro allows himself a bit of gloating over his drawing, until Stealth Elf calls him out and he decides to be content with whatever the headmaster is doing. However, when Master Eon presents the book, the trio is surprised to see a badly drawn picture of the dragon when compared to the other highly detailed pictures, until Hugo reassures them that he always fixes the pictures and that they should humor him for the time being. Spyro thanks his friends for the help, until he notices that Bad Breath is missing; Eruptor explains that after being defrosted, the Grumblebum's anxiety drove him into a vicious cycle of crying and burping, and Master Eon announces that he will take some time to rejoin the team. Before leaving the group to enjoy their achievement, he asks for Spyro to not throw a party, but the dragon reassures his friends and the viewer that he won't quite live up to that promise.

Elsewhere, at Kaos' Guest Castle, the duo recovers from their injuries, with Glumshanks checking on Kaos' rashes while he is on the bath. Though the troll believes his plan to be a failure, Kaos reassures him that it resulted in a much greater plot, and reveals that he obtained the map to the mysterious Core of Light in the dragon shield, the location where dark and light meet to create balance and harmony in Skylands. Announcing his plan to destroy it, Kaos stops the bath to jump and gloat over his discovery, while Glumshanks regrets having looked at that general direction and congratulates the new evil plan.

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  • Eon's beard is longer in this episode. But after Kaos breaks it, it becomes much shorter in the later episodes as Eon regrows it.
  • Holograms of Wolfgang and Broccoli Guy are used in the Skylander Games, long before their existence is revealed.

Errors & Mistakes

  • When being lectured by Jet-Vac in class, Spyro's horns tilt upwards when he leans back in his seat.
  • While Kaos discusses his plan with Glumshanks near his evil plot planning board, a piece of paper falls out of it, only to disappear in the next frame.
  • In the flashback where baby Spyro steals the bottle from Master Eon, Eon's beard is long in most shots, but short in the one where he falls out of the window.
  • Though this would only cause continuity conflicts in Season 2, Chill was mistakenly frozen with the Skylanders by Kaos' spell, despite being a cadet.


  • In production, this episode is the first two-parter (the second being Raiders of the Lost Arkus). However, in its Netflix release, the pilot is a single 40-minute episode.
  • At the end of the episode, Glumshanks momentarily calls his master "Steve", revealing the knows about the mocking nicknames used by the heroes.
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