The Skylanders Short Cuts are a series of animated shorts that focus on one or more particular Skylanders. They are also used to promote Skylanders: Swap Force.



We see a psychiatrist talking with Fryno about his anger issues. Fryno states that he is using the techniques the psychiatrist told him, however to benefit to his anger, all while being pestered by a fly. Eventually Fryno loses his temper and tries to destroy the fly, leaving the psychiatrist's office in flames.

Slobber Tooth

An interviewer tries to talk with Slobber Tooth about how he deals with Kaos' Minions. However, the hungry turtle dinosaur finds the microphones 'delicious' and eats them before the interview could start. Despite the camera crew's attempts to keep the microphones out of Slobber Tooth's reach (from putting a pet cone on him to taping the mic to the back of his head), the turtle dinosaur managed to get by and eat each new microphone that's been replaced. Eventually, he tried to devour the last microphone after answering a few questions, accidentally destroying the set in the process. He succeeded, and then asked if he can have another microphone to eat. When the interviwer stated that Slobber Tooth ate them all, the turtle dinosaur spotted the camera as something edible and proceeds to eat it.

Night Shift

An interview goes underway as a grumpy Night Shift tries to position his microphone to his shirt collar, but he is assisted by Freeze Blade who freezes the microphone to his shirt. Night Shift then expresses his cranky attitude due to being Undead, while Freeze Blade explains how the vampire boxer's fighting style is 'old-school'. He also explains how Night Shift may have 'taken one too many shots to the head-ski' and demonstrates by ringing a boxing bell, which causes Night Shift to go into a frenzy by punching everything and anyone around him. As Freeze Blade compliments Night Shift's fighting skills, he accidentally rings the fallen boxing bell, and Night Shift once again enters his frenzy mode.

Fire Kraken

Fire Kraken burned through the screen, amazing the female interviewer. Suddenly, Wash Buckler, a Gillman, and a dirt shark appeared, getting a ring side seat to watch Fire Kraken in action. When asked by the interviewer on what a 'Kraken' is, Fire Kraken displayed a pretty show of fireworks while performing acrobactics. Encouraged by the audience, the dragon Skylander did the "dragon", transforming into a chinese dragon parade while lighting the set in flames. After finishing his performance, the firefighters put out the fire and Slobber Tooth compliments the fireworks that they were awesome, soon catching scent of "barbeque". Wash Buckler then looks over to the tail of the oblivious Slobber Tooth, which was set on fire by Fire Kraken's wild show.

The Card Game

In Iron Jaw Gulch, Skylanders, Rip Tide, Star Strike, Pop Thorn and Hoot Loop undergo a friendly game of Go Fish (card game). Hoot Loop suddenly alerts the Skylanders to the presence of Kaos, but it turns out to be a trick so that the owl magician can get a look at the others' cards. The game resumes, but Pop Thorn unintentionally reveals his cards and Hoot Loop mistakes the game for Bingo. As Star Strike grows irritated, she wonders if anyone present knows how to play Go Fish. Rip Tide responds by exclaiming his catchphrase, "GO FISH!" while pulling out his whale and slamming it on the table, sending the other Skylanders flying and spraying water everywhere. Afterwards, he asks if he won the game.

Short Cuts


  • The Card Game is the only Short Cut to not be named after a Skylander.
    • It is also the second to not show gameplay vintage during the Short Cut. The first was Fire Kraken's.
  • When Slobber Tooth has the pet cone on his head, his horn was made smaller, presumably in order for the animators to fit the cone in. After he breaks the pet cone and grabs the microphone, his horn is back to normal size.
  • During Fire Kraken's Short Cut, if you look closely you can see that the Gillman is drinking from a Skylanders: Swap Force cup.
  • This series shares its name with a Skylander.
  • All shorts were made in-engine, by Vicarious Visions.[1]. This is different from the Toys For Bob promotional material and most cutscenes, which were made by the outsourced Panda Panther.


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