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Skylanders Issue 8 is the second part of the Return of the Dragon King comic story issue by IDW Publishing.


RETURN OF THE DRAGON KING CONTINUES! CLASSIFIED is back! Only Spyro, Hex, and Cynder have the knowledge needed to defeat this arch-nemesis!

Major events

  • Spyro, Cynder, Hex and Wallop become imprisoned in the Cadaverous Crypts and learn of Malefor's plan from Calliope.
  • Malefor goes after the Skylander Academy and confronts 37 Skylanders. He defeats them all and absorbs their powers with a crystal to make himself more powerful.
  • The Skylander Academy is ultimately breached by Malefor, but he is stopped in his tracks by Spyro, Cynder, Hex and Wallop, who were freed from the Crypts by Flynn and Mags.
  • Knight Mare stops Dr. Krankcase from winning an annual Mabu Meander race unfairly.

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