Skylanders Issue 1 is a three-part story issue in the Skylanders comic book series by IDW Publishing. It contains the mini-story, The Secret Origins of Trigger Happy.


The smash-hit videogame and toy sensation, Skylanders, makes its comic book debut this fall! This all-new series will focus on fan-favorite characters and features stories tying directly into the videogames that cannot be found anywhere else!

Major events

  • Flynn is taking the Minis to the Skylanders Academy for their first day of school.
  • Kaos takes on the guise of Weeruptor to infiltrate the Academy and destroy it from within.
  • Kaos fires an amnesia spell at Flynn to make him forget he saw Kaos on-board, causing the pilot to walk right off the Dread-Yacht.
  • Chopper saves Flynn, and the two land on the Boney Islands where they use an Arkeyan Copter to travel for the Skylander Academy.

Featured Characters



The Secret Origins of Trigger Happy Characters

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  • The imaginations of where Trigger Happy comes from parodies Superman, Spider-Man, Batman, and Wolverine.

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