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Skylanders: Universe, originally called Skylanders: Spyro's Universe, was an online RPG set in Beta, it was available at the official Universe website. Unlike Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure and Skylanders: Giants, it did not require a Portal of Power to play (although swapping and registering Skylanders could have been faster with one).

On April 29th 2013, Skylanders: Universe closed down and was replaced with a site hosting the minigames that used to be on Skylanders Universe.[1]


Continuing the adventure from console and handheld gaming devices, Skylanders: Universe brings your toy collection to life in new ways with an online multiplayer game for you and your friends!

Partner with your pals as you explore an endless realm of floating islands! Not only will you create and customize your own Skylands, you can visit your friends’ Skylands as you chat with them in real-time! At any moment, transport to The Mainland or your Lair to check on your Skylanders, prepare for battle, play mini-games and more! But be careful: Evil lurks in Skylanders: Universe, and these invaders may attack at any moment! With the Skylands constantly under attack, it’s up to you to battle back pirates, rogues and evil minions!

Gold Rush: Discover riches, collectable items and magical snacks to power up your Skylanders and open unique new worlds!

Battles To Behold: Prepare for combat! Mini-games like Sky Defense and Castle Assault call for all of your Skylanders' distinct powers! Explore With Friends: The best part of Skylanders: Universe? It includes your friends! Chat with your pals, visit their lands and battle beside them!

Home Sweet Home: Upgrade your Skylands! It's your land and you can change the look, add space, upgrade defenses and invite whomever you wish! Safe Haven: Visit your Lair anytime you wish to check on your Skylanders, review your achievements, and check on your latest stats and achievements!

Entering Skylanders: Universe is easy! Whether or not you own the toys, you can log in and play immediately! Here are three ways to get started: Don't own the game or any figurines? Don't worry! Simply create a new account and enjoy the intro video! Before long, your trusty guide Master Eon will provide a starter-set of Skylanders for you to play with!

Do you have a Portal of Power? Plug it in! Once you've connected your Portal of Power to your computer via USB port, simply drop your figurine onto the Portal and they'll magically appear right here on the web in Skylanders: Universe! Don't have a Portal of Power? Not a problem! Your 10-digit Web Code, included with each toy, is all you need! Enter the code and Eon will make sure your Skylander joins you in Skylanders: Universe!



  • The Official Guide for Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure has a code which allowed you to unlock a penguin.
  • As Flynn still had his balloon, it is possible this game took place before Giants.
    • However, as the canonicity of this game is questionable at best, it may not even have a place in the Skylanders timeline.
  • At some point in development, the game would've had traversible dungeons with traps and enemies.[2]
  • Skylanders: A to Z of Skylands used the logo of this game even though it was closed by the time the book came out in 2013 before Skylanders: Swap Force came out.
    • The box set which came out a year later still used the logo along with some other books. [3]


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