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“Capture Evil. Unleash Good.”
    —Trap Team tagline

Skylanders: Trap Team is the fourth installment in the Skylanders series, introducing a set of new Skylanders called the Trap Team.

Story Summary

Kaos has blown up the walls of the feared Cloudcracker Prison freeing the most notorious villains in Skylands. It's up to you and the Skylanders to find and capture them. Using Traptanium™, a magic material that can harness the power of the Elements, you have the amazing ability to trap the villains and return them to Skylands to fight for you! Begin the ultimate adventure as you explore Skylands in search of the escaped villains!

3DS version

While carrying out research at the Eternal Archives, Hugo reads ‘The Most Boring Book Ever’ and unwittingly opens a portal to the Realm of Dreams, allowing a host of nightmare creatures to escape into Skylands. The Dream Sheep, an evil master of nightmares and the lead villain in the game, works with his sleepy sidekick the Sleep Dragon to conjure a powerful sleep spell which is spreading across Skylands putting everyone to sleep, while his evil flock of nightmare minions wreaks havoc. The Skylanders are immune to this sleep spell, and with the help of the Trap Masters, leading the charge in this new adventure, Portal Masters must seek out the nightmare villains and trap them before it’s too late!



Skylanders Trap Team introduces Skylanders heroes known as Trap Masters, brand new Core Skylanders characters and reposed fan-favorite Skylanders characters. The game also features a variety of elementally aligned Traps with unique and interesting designs. With every addition to their Trap Team collection, Portal Masters unlock exciting gameplay possibilities within each level.

  • Toys to Life, Life to Toys – Players experience an exciting new level of Skylanders innovation through the Traptanium Portal, a new ring of magical energy which reverses the magic of the toys to life category by letting players bring digital characters into the physical world. A built-in audio speaker allows players to magically hear the unique voices of the villains travel from the game into the real world Trap, and vice versa. The Trap also lights up in sync with the villain speaking, adding even more magic to the experience. If you look closely, you can almost see the villain trying to escape from inside the Trap.
  • Two Ways to Play – In Skylanders Trap Team, you can play as a Skylander or capture Skylands’ most wanted foes and unleash them for good. It’s up to Portal Masters to find these villains and capture them inside the new Traps that transport the villains into the real world via the Traptanium Portal. Once trapped, players can return the villain to Skylands as a playable character. This exciting new play pattern gives fans the option to switch between playing as a Skylander hero or a villain at any time, creating fun and unique "tag team" gameplay.
  • Elementally Designed Traps – Themed Trap designs add variety to the collectible Skylanders Trap Team experience. Each Trap is elementally aligned, letting players capture villains who fall under that element. For instance, when Portal Masters explore the world of Skylands and encounter a water villain, they can insert a water Trap into the Traptanium Portal to capture that villain, as well as bring that villain back into Skylands as a playable character who helps in the fight for good. With each new trap added to their collection, Portal Masters unlock an exciting world of possibilities!
  • New Cast of Characters – A brand new group of Skylanders, known as Trap Masters, lead the charge armed with their oversized crystal weapons in the fight against the most wanted villains and returning nemesis Kaos. The game introduces more than 50 new playable Skylanders heroes, including:
    • New Trap Master Skylanders
    • New Core Skylanders
    • Reposed, fan-favorite Skylanders
  • Exciting New AdventureSkylanders Trap Team features an all new adventure-filled story with fun and interesting new characters as well as returning franchise favorites. The game delivers a diverse and dynamic, story-driven gameplay experience, filled with adventure, combat, puzzles, mini games, activities, platforming, and drop-in/drop-out co-op play -- all set within a variety of new compelling environments. With each new addition to their Trap Team collection, Portal Masters unlock exciting new gameplay possibilities within each level. Seasoned fans can play Skylanders Trap Team with their entire collection of 175 forward compatible characters from Skylanders: SWAP Force, Skylanders: Giants, and Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure.


  • Unique Platform IntegrationSkylanders Trap Team on Nintendo 3DS utilizes the platform’s fun and interesting system capabilities. Players use the Nintendo 3DS’ Touch Screen to intensify the capture vortex to pull the villains out of the game and trap them in the Traptanium Prison, which is represented in the bottom screen. Once villains are captured, players can use the Touch Screen and microphone to interact with them -- poke, tickle, and spin them to make them dizzy. The villains are then stored in the Traptanium Vault until players send them back in the game in the fight for good.
  • Improved Portable ExperienceSkylanders Trap Team offers increased portability by letting players load in their Skylanders characters directly into the hand-held console. Once players capture villains, they can summon them to unleash devastating attacks and fight side-by-side with Skylanders, as well as play as those captured villains in 13 unique “boot camp” levels created by the evil Dream Sheep to train his minions.
  • Skylander/Villain Team Gameplay – In Skylanders Trap Team, Portal Masters can play as a Skylander while capturing Skylands’ most wanted foes and unleash them for good. It’s up to players to find these villains and capture them in the game. Once villains are captured, they can be unleashed to fight right alongside the Skylanders to assist players in battling Skylands’ notorious enemies.

List of Skylanders


Console Version

The plot of this game is focused on the capturing of Skylands' most wanted villains that have escaped from Cloudcracker Prison. The story begins with Master Eon introducing the player to the world of Skylands as well as its protectors, the Skylanders. The veteran Portal Master then reveals that long ago, Skylands was ruled under the vicious grip of the most powerful villains called the Doom Raiders who caused havoc all over Skylands from their hideout in the Savage Badlands. Eventually, The Doom Raiders met their match when the Trap Team found their hideout, defeated them, and remanded them to Cloudcracker Prison.

Years later, Kaos, the primary antagonist, releases the Doom Raiders and other villains by blowing up Cloudcracker Prison using his Evil Frequency Modulator of Evil Doom. The destrution of the prison also caused the Trap Team to be sent to Earth as well. At the same time, all characters from the previous games are at the opening of the Skylanders Academy presented by Buzz, who aids the Skylanders in catching The Gulper at Soda Springs, presumably not knowing he and the other villains were broken out.

After capturing The Gulper, Buzz and the Skylanders are informed of Cloudcracker Prison's destruction by the creator of the Academy, Mags, and sets to capture the remaining villains. Meanwhile Kaos and the Doom Raiders are gathered at his new base, but the Doom Raiders are quick to reject Kaos, not even taking a listen to his plan. The leader of the Doom Raiders, the Golden Queen, allows Kaos and Glumshanks to stay, only to come up with a plan of her own, stating its "solid gold". After securing intel of the Doom Raiders at Know-It-All Island, the Skylanders head to Chompy Mountain, where they battle the Chompy Mage and his forces. In the Mage's final battle, he is officially trapped and bagged. Meanwhile, the Doom Raiders learn of the defeat, and dissent grows in the ranks as Wolfgang challenges the authority of the Golden Queen. Kaos, seeking to take back control, commences "Operation Sabotage".

The Skylanders are sent to track down the Fire-elemental Doom Raider, Chef Pepper Jack. Meeting up with Tessa at the Phoenix Psanctuary, they hold off the Chef's forces from getting their hands on a Phoenix Chicken egg to create a Spicy Omelet of Doom. Kaos intervenes to sabotage the plans, but his smoke rocket lets Chef Pepper Jack get away with an egg. Launching an assault on his Zeppelin, the Skylanders free all slaves imprisoned on board, and trap the maniacal cook with the cost of Flynn being injured. With three Doom Raiders down, Dr. Krankcase and Wolfgang are set to take action, but the Golden Queen still wants to build a weapon made of Traptanium. Much to Kaos's dismay, the Queen only wants all the riches in Skylands, not ruling the world as its overlord. Fed up with how she runs the plan, Kaos challenges the Queen to an "evil-off", winner takes all, but loses, and has no choice but to call for help, much to his resent.

After acquiring an Information Squid from Mags's home village, the Skylanders want to know why the Doom Raiders are obtaining Traptanium. Eventually, Mags's Information Squid turns out to be Kaos in disguise who soon forms an unlikely alliance with the heroes. With Kaos being the only lead to where the Doom Raiders are, the Skylanders travel to Monster Marsh where they find Dreamcatcher terrorizing a Mabu village. They are able to stop her by waking the sleeping townspeople up, but Dreamcatcher escapes. The Skylanders head to Telescope Towers to prevent her from stealing secrets of Traptanium from the dreams of Mabu scientists. After many battles through the maze-like labs, Dreamcatcher decides to stop the Skylanders herself, but fails at the attempt and is trapped.

Though the secrets were lost, Dr. Krankcase still needs one final piece to the Ultimate Weapon, a large amount of "stinkocity". Kaos knows that the most powerful substance of that level is in the Secret Sewers of Supreme Stink. With Flynn back in action, the Skylanders go and cut off the supply of goo, earning the Gillmen workers' trust in the process. Ever crafty, Dr. Krankcase substitutes the goo for cheese, and comes up with a plan: bury it and go forward in time to when it is most stinky. Only one problem, they need a portal master to do it. Reopening Kaos's Wilikin Workshop for his own purposes, the Skylanders are lured to investigate with Kaos in tow, fighting through Evilikins. Finally battling the Mad Doctor, he traps Kaos in a barrel, but Wolfgang appears and takes Kaos for himself,. The Skylanders follow in pursuit, but not before trapping Dr. Krankcase.

The Skylanders and Flynn track Wolfgang to Time Town, where they get help from Da Pinchy. Fighting their way through town, they arrive too late as Wolfgang has already headed to the future. Arriving in that time period, they discover that Wolfgang has completely taken over and constructed the "Big Bad Woofer", a giant speaker that amplifies his painful music 10-fold. The Skylanders make their way to the sinister speaker and shut it down, fight Wolfgang, and cage the Big Bad Man-Beast before he can freeform the ultimate concert. However, the rotten cheese was sent to the Golden Queen in the present, and she completed the weapon. Holding Skylands hostage, she demands the surrender of all Skylandes, her fellow Doom Raiders to be freed and all the gold in the world as tribute. Oh, and to make infinite number of more rules.

The Skylanders and their comrades steal a rocket from the Trolls and use it to get to the Skyhighlands, where they find a crystal prism to locate the Golden Queen's lair. Traveling through The Golden Desert, Cali is turned into a gold statue by the Queen, and the Skylanders managed to fight the Queen's forces to rescue their Mabu friend. In an epic battle against the Queen, the Skylanders are victorious in trapping her and putting an end to her tyranny once and for all. But just when it looks like its over, Kaos takes the weapon for himself and absorbs the combined stinkocity and energy from the collected Traptanium. His skin turns purple as a result, also developing enhanced senses, being able to see everything. He then realizes it was not the Skylanders he had to the destroy, but the one thing that was always in his way: the player, or the new Portal Master, and sets his sights on Earth.

With both worlds hanging in the balance, the Skylanders make their way through The Ultimate Weapon and battle Kaos, who transforms into an enhanced Traptanium version of himself. In this final battle Kaos uses the power of Traptanium to its fullest, but is finally defeated and put in a trap of his own. The Ultimate Weapon overloads as a result of the battle and explodes, freeing the trapped cities. The game ends with the residents of the Skylanders Academy celebrating its official opening.

During the credits, Kaos makes his comments while they roll.



Skylanders: Trap Team received moderately good reviews. Kotaku's review praises the story mode and the personalities of the trappable villains, but claim that 'long-time collectors may be put off by the lack of older toy utility'. "The bright spotlight being shined on its core figures and villains makes Skylanders: Trap Team feel like a fresh start for the franchise. Without completely abandoning the characters and concepts introduced over the past three years, it feels more like a self-contained experience rather than a continuation."[2]

Game Informer noted Toys for Bob's extra time in developing the game, giving it an 8.75. "Giving Toys for Bob an extra year to work on this sequel paid off, not just with the concept of villains partnering with heroes, but the world they inhabit feeling more alive."[3]

IGN called Trap Team the best game in the series[4], giving it an 8.2 score.




  • This marks the first console title in the series not to include the PvP Battle Mode feature.
  • This is the first game in the series to include only two Skylanders in the Starter Packs. All of the previous games came with three Skylanders.
    • However, the Dark Edition Starter Pack does come with three Skylanders.
      • Strangely, the 3DS Starter Pack only comes with two Skylanders despite the lack of Traps for that version of the game.
  • In most trailers and commercials for the game, the announcer strangely says "Over 60 new Skylanders" when only 57 Skylanders appeared on the character poster.
    • However, the Eon's Elite Skylanders are considered new Skylanders, even though none of them appeared on the character poster.
  • This marks the first 3DS installment in the series not to include an exclusive Skylander.
  • Trap Team is the first sequel in the series not to include a reposed Skylander in the Starter Packs.
  • The Wii version contains a free download code for the Wii U version of the game.
    • This was the last game to recieve a Wii version in full.
    • This also makes it the first game in the series to become available digitally.
  • Despite earlier announcements stating that Beenox would only be developing the game for the eighth generation platforms, they were also involved with developing Trap Team for the seventh generation consoles as well.
  • This is the first sequel in the series not to introduce new LightCore Skylanders.
    • However, Sunscraper Spire and Midnight Museum has a light-up feature in their toys and are listed as LightCore when summoned.
  • This is currently the last of the Skylanders games to have new quadruped Skylanders.
  • This game has the highest amount of new playable characters (36 new Skylanders and 46 playable villains).
  • The game's gimmick was pitched by Toys For Bob's audio team, who created a working prototype for the Portal of Power with a speaker on their own, with the intent to integrate the characters moving from the real world to the game world using sound. [5]
  • As of July 25, 2018, the tablet version of the game was removed from the App Store.
  • This the first sequel in the series to not include a Tech, Undead, or Earth reposed Skylander.
  • While most of the soundtracks in Trap Team as well as previous games was made by the famous composer, Lorne Balfe, the soundtracks for each villain (except for Kaos and Chompie), are all stock music originated from other medias; although slightly modified into shorter versions of the originals.
    • This makes Trap Team the first game to use stock music.

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