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Skylanders: Battlegrounds was a mobile Skylanders spin-off released for phones, tablets and LG Smart TVs.

The starter pack comes with Series 2 Cynder, Jet-Vac, and two exclusive figures; Royal Double Trouble and Platinum Treasure Chest. A Series 2 Double Trouble with a Series 1 pose can also be found in place of his Royal counterpart in several starter packs. The starter pack also comes with a special Portal of Power with built-in bluetooth connectivity, which allows it to also be used for other mobile spin-offs such as Skylanders: Cloud Patrol and Skylanders: Lost Islands. It can also be used as a standard portal for the console games by connecting it through USB connection.

The starter pack costs $49.99 and came with a download code of Skylanders: Battlegrounds, although the code was only for Apple devices; it could also be bought without the starter pack for $6.99 on the App Store and Google Play.

In 2016, Battlegrounds has since been removed from the App Store.


Bring the Skylanders to life in two ways:

  • Connect the new Bluetooth Portal of Power (optional accessory) to the players device and bring their collection to life instantly. Swap them out during battle to win tough battles and leverage their unique powers.
  • Use the secret codes to unlock the players Skylanders collection.
  • Embark on fun and adventurous quests
  • Unlock and upgrade powerful abilities for each Skylander
  • Plan your attacks carefully in the Overworld
  • Unleash devastating Portal Master powers, including Lightning Bolts and Dynamite
  • Instantly swap Skylanders in and out of battle with the Bluetooth Portal of Power
  • Over 30 Game Center Achievements to unlock
  • Import a players Skylander collection using the Portal of Power or Secret Codes
  • Universal App with support for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch


The object of the game is to fight Kaos' warlords using the players Skylanders. The four warlords are Arbor Eater, Mega Chompulon, Chompy Mage, and King Brock. In the game, the Skylands are made up of many hexagonal tiles. To move around the Skylands, tap and slide the players Skylander from one tile to another. There are several types of tiles.

To fight an enemy, the player must step on the same tile as them. Then two of their Skylanders will be transported to a battleground. The battleground they are sent to is determined by the type of tile the player and the enemy stepped on. Several waves of enemies will appear and attack the players Skylanders. Players must fight using the Skylanders by tapping the Skylander and sliding their finger to where they want them to move. If the player slides their finger towards an enemy, the Skylander will attack the enemy. Players can also use special abilities and magic items. Winning battles will earn players coins and experience points. Players might also get gems and magic items.

After the player completes a task in the Skylands, a portal will appear. Moving onto the same tile as the portal will end the level and automatically send the player to the next one.

To see the collection of Skylanders, items, and other related material, go here.




  • It is the first Skylanders mobile spin-off to have a starter pack.
  • Ninja Stealth Elf appears in the game as a variant.
  • Interestingly, while it was stated that SWAP Force Skylanders requires the newer Portal to be able to scan their swappable forms, Skylanders: Battlegrounds is able to scan the SWAP Force and their swapped combinations using the included Bluetooth Portal from its starter pack.
    • Connecting the Bluetooth Portal to Skylanders: Swap Force through USB however, the game will detects it as one of the older portals, and thus won't work with the game.
      • The Bluetooth Portal does work with Superchargers and Imaginators, and are both able to scan SWAP Force Skylanders regardless.
  • In the trailer, the phrase "Take down Kaos!" was seen, despite Kaos never making an appearance in the game at all.
  • The bluetooth portal included with the Starter Pack could only be used with the IOS version of the game, while the Android version could not and had to resort to using codes of each figure instead.
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