The Skyhighlands is the fifteenth chapter in Skylanders: Trap Team. It is the mining outpost of a legendary, evil gang of Air Pirates lead by Tae Kwon Crow, where they use a magic crystal prism that can point to large deposits of gold for their evil ends. The Skylanders, accompanied by Tessa and Whiskers, Cali, Mags, Buzz and Flynn were able to reach the Skyhighlands using the rocket from the previous chapter and take part in an aerial assault battle for the magic prism the Air Pirates hold.


  • Take out the Sky Pirates
  • Beat Tae Kwon Crow to get the Prism

Element Gates

Areas to Find

  • Landing Platforms & Stolen Property Room
    • Element: Air
  • Lower Defenses, Lower Elevator & Digger's Dungeon
  • Middle Defenses
    • Element: Water
  • Upper Elevator
  • Greenhouse
    • Element: Life
  • The Waterworks
    • Element: Water
  • Upper Defenses & Lost and Found
    • Element: Villain
  • Cutting Platform
    • Element: Air

New Enemies

Wanted Villains

Villain Element
Tae Kwon Crow Villain Icon.png Tae Kwon Crow Dark

Legendary Treasures

  • Legendary Geode Key


  • William Tell Hat
  • Radar Hat

Soul Gems

Villain Quests



  • This level has references to Star Fox 64, first when piloting the Arkeyan Copter and the second when Tessa calls for assistance, "Can you help get these guys off my back, Skylander?"
    • This is the second and third time a Star Fox 64 is made, the first was being in the Tower of Time Adventure Pack with a conversation between Flynn and Cluck.
  • Level concepts show that the Skyhighlands were possibly two different levels; a large arena surrounding the Magic Prism, and a settlement known only as Thief Lair. [1]


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