“The best in the nest!”
    —Vehicle Collection

The Sky Slicer is Stormblade's signature vehicle in Skylanders: SuperChargers. It is aerodynamic and lightning fast! Originally designed by Stormblade to explore the furthest reaches of Skylands, the Sky Slicer has since been retrofitted with high-powered weaponry and armor, making it one of the best in the nest!


Performance Mods

  • Katar Wing
  • Zero Friction Plate
  • Double Edge Hull
  • Sal Wing Shell

Specialty Mods

  • Screamstream Thrust
  • Uni-Fusion Boost
  • Twin Jet Turbos
  • Tri-Jet Threat

Horn Options

  • Cloud Reverberator
  • Radar Resonator
  • Electro Listener
  • Sky Call

Character Trailers

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Clown Cruiser - Jet Stream - Sky Slicer
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Dark Clown Cruiser - Instant Sky Slicer
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