The Sky Scrambler is Cluck's signature Vehicle in Skylanders: SuperChargers, where it appears in Cap'n Cluck's Chicken HQ. It can also be encountered during a Boss Pursuit in Cluck's Cuckoo Nest, after it is unlocked by the Sky Trophy.

The Sky Scrambler can shoot homing small eggs as well as a larger egg missile that goes to what ever racer it hits first. With Cluck's exceptional engineering and piloting skills, he'll have his foes scrambled in a matter of seconds!

Villain Symbol Villain Vehicles Villain Symbol

Kaos Trophy
Doom Jet (Sky)
Land Trophy
Chompy Buster - Scale Biter - Spirit Dragster - Steam Roller
Sea Trophy
Glitter Glider - The Lil' Phantom Tide - Rune Slider - Wave Singer
Sky Trophy
Sky Scrambler - Storm Striker - Sub Woofer - Toaster Bomber

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