Sky Fortress is the fifth chapter in Skylanders: Imaginators. Vultures have overrun the Sky Baron Battleship Hangar, and with the help of Jet-Vac, the Skylanders must retrieve the massive Battleship inside to use it against the Guacamole Monster.


  • Use the Station
  • Board Vulture Dropship
  • Activate the Wrecking Ball
  • Reach the Hangar
  • Recapture the Battleship


New Enemies



  • Sky Fortress bears a resemblance to Arpeggio's Blimp in the Sly Cooper franchise, as they are both fortresses in the sky that belong to birds.
    • The only major differences are that Arpeggio's Blimp takes place at night and has a dark tone, while Sky Fortress takes place during the day and has a light tone.
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