The Sky Diamond is a magic item in Skylanders: Swap Force included in the Tower of Time Adventure Pack. It causes enemies that are defeated in battle to drop a shiny white diamond that is worth 20 gold in addition to any other Coins or Minor Treasures that it would drop.

In Skylanders: Trap Team, the Sky Diamond ability has changed. Instead of receiving diamonds from defeating enemies (that role has been given to the Piggy Bank), it gives the player the ability to get diamonds from breakable objects (crates, vases, etc.). The timer for the Sky Diamond has also been shortened.

In Skylanders: SuperChargers, placing the Sky Diamond on the Portal for the first time will unlock a Legendary Treasure of the same name that can be placed in the hub world. When placed, it can be broken open daily to generate hundreds of gold pieces.



  • The Sky Diamond may have been a reference to a Beatles song "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds".
  • In Swap Force, there is a glitch that allows the Sky Diamond to produce a lot of diamonds while attacking training dummies in the hub world.
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