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The SkyPhone is a mobile device used by various characters in Skylanders Academy.


Master Eon answering a call from Hugo via video chat

Each SkyPhone shares the same basic features of real-life smartphones: they are capable of calling someone, taking photos, downloading apps and sending text messages. They can also transmit magic, as seen in Return to Cynder with Golden Queen's golden phone. Unlike real-life smartphones, a SkyPhone can be used to answer a call in the form of "video chat", in which it produces a globe that allows the caller and the receiver to chat face-to-face.

Notable owners


  • Although Golden Queen owns a gold-colored phone as of Season 2, in Beard Science, she owns a standard-colored phone.
  • The ringtone that plays when receiving a call is the intro theme of Skylanders Academy.
  • The size and shape of the screen is exactly like the image boarder of the Skystones featured in Skylanders: SuperChargers.
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