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Golden Queen using her Sky-Chi.

Sky-Chis are special abilities of Senseis, first appearing in Skylanders: Imaginators. They have a meter that fills up over time and as they defeat enemies, and when full, can be used to unleash a devastating technique that deals great damage, each unique to each Sensei. Sky-Chis must be unlocked from Sensei Shrines, and only the ones that correspond to its Battle Class.

The Sky-Chi also has its own button to be activated unlike most Skylander moves, and must be held down for several seconds to be activated, as to keep players from accidentally using up the meter.

Though all are thematically different, Sky-Chis from the same classes play similar, such as Cortex, Pit Boss and Golden Queen all summoning attacks from afar.

List of Sky-Chi Abilities

  • Air Strike - Fight and Flight
    • Air Strike hops onto Birdie to attack, and the primary attack button can be pressed to dash forward.
  • Ambush - Foreseen Victory
    • Ambush takes aim and can lock onto multiple enemies, and after a few seconds, he will attack targeted enemies at the blink of an eye.
  • Aurora - Flicker Flash
    • Aurora gains a light aura as a means of powering up, and dashes around the screen using sword slashes against enemies at super speed.
  • Bad Juju - Harnessing Havoc
    • The ghostly skeleton turns her blades into a lightning tether that connects to Juju Junior like a rope, and both become covered in static. Juju Junior can be controlled to run into enemies, and the tether also electrifies any targets between them, At the end, her blades and Junior come back in a lightning strike around her.
  • Barbella - Do You Even Lift?
    • Barbella takes a deep breath and begins doing front raises, with such strength that every lift causes a shockwave. In addition, crystals and rock shards fly toward enemies.
  • Blaster-Tron - Kaiju Believe it?
    • Blaster-Tron grows super enormous and starts stomping around, sending out shock waves with the primary attack button.
  • Boom Bloom - Whipper Snapper
    • Boom Bloom jumps and twirls her whip into a twister fashion on the ground, attacking enemies she runs into. She can move around attacking enemies for the duration of the attack.
  • Buckshot - You've Goat to be Kidding Me!
    • ​Buckshot remains stationary and fires a lot of arrows through various portals for area damage.
  • Chain Reaction - Saw and Conquer
    • Chain Reaction rides in a giant version of his inventions while damaging surrounding enemies.
  • Chopscotch - Skip-A-Head
    • Chopscotch transforms her axe into a jump rope, which goes through her "neck" each time she jumps, causing her skull to launch at enemies. While decapitated skulls persist, the skull on her torso always replenishes between jumps. As a finishing move, she reforms her axe and slams the ground, creating a vortex that turns the skulls into explosive Undead energy.
  • Chompy Mage - Boing-Zooka!
    • True to his Sky-Chi's name, Chompy Mage uses his Chompzooka as Pogo stick to damage enemies.
  • Crash Bandicoot - Oh No Yo-Yo Fo' Show!
    • Crash gets his yo-yo, and can aim and ensnare enemies using its thread. If there are no enemies on the screen or the meter is about to end, Crash will entangle himself with it but quickly break free.
  • Dr. Krankcase - Goo Goo G'shoot
    • The doctor aims at both of his sides and spins around on his legs aimlessly, creating a flurry of shots. His legs can be controlled to ram into enemies.
  • Dr. Neo Cortex - Rehabilita-Laser
    • Cortex inserts coordinates into his weapon and transforms it into a staff-beacon-like device, which then draws in satellite strikes. A target reticle can be controlled to indicate the general area of the attacks. Oddly, at the end of it, the reticle itself explodes, scaring Cortex into vulnerability.
  • Ember - Supernova Storm
    • Ember begins to spin and throw shurikens from her belt, and her fiery tail creates a flame tornado around her.
  • Flare Wolf - Quadruple the Power
    • Flare Wolf stands still and fires a barrage of rockets. He can aim while shooting.
  • Golden Queen - Scarab Swarm
    • Golden Queen gains green scarab wings using a magic circle, and then unleashes from it a swarm of golden scarabs. The swarm can be controlled by moving around a bigger scarab at the center of it.
  • Grave Clobber - Wave Clobber
    • The mummy strikes a pose and starts punching everything in front of him at great speeds. Meanwhile, the water recedes towards him, pulling enemies with it.
  • Hood Sickle - Scythe Scycle
    • Hood Sickle summons a gravity well beneath his feet and uses its power to spin around, firing dark spheres every few seconds. The reaper's movement can be controlled though not the direction he fires at.
  • Kaos - Fear My Giant Floating Head
    • Kaos transforms into his giant floating head form in midair, smashing down enemies, and stays invulnerable for the duration of the attack while having the ability to fire lasers from his eyes.
  • King Pen - Ice to Meet You and You
    • King Pen imbues his claws and ponytail with a bright blue glow, and dashes around the screen using charging slashes against enemies.
  • Mysticat - Domo Arigato Hisster Rift-Boto
    • Mysticat creates a gigantic yarnball rift, controlling it with his laser as it shoots out yarnball familiars.
  • Pain-Yatta - Party of One
    • Pain-Yatta suspends himself in midair by a single strand of string, then starts throwing up candy weapons.
  • Pit Boss - Viper Volley
    • Pit Boss channels mysterious magic and summons snakes forming Caducei (lacking the staff) from the skies while covered in a sickly yellow glow.
  • Ro-Bow - Ctrl+Alt+Defeat
    • Ro-Bow transforms into a giant drill.
  • Starcast - A Real Kick in the Shurikens
    • Starcast temporarily levitates himself and his throwing stars with Dark energy, and proceeds to spin around kicking them at enemies in quick succession, finishing with a ground slam as he lands.
  • Tae Kwon Crow - Final Fire Flurry
    • The crow breathes in for a moment before summoning gigantic golden shurikens on fire, which he can then aim and throw at enemies.
  • Tidepool - Water You Waiting For?
    • Tidepool rides on a whale and shoots from her pistols while doing so.
  • Tri-Tip - Mesozoic Mayhem
    • Tri-Tip spins around with his mace extended, increasing his momentum until the end of the special move.
  • Wild Storm - Unchained Lightning
    • Wild Storm raises his sword like a lightning rod and rains down lightning strikes.
  • Wolfgang - Crowd Surfer
    • Wolfgang summons an audience of skeletal hands, and crowdsurfs on them while playing his theme. The hands are summoned and dismissed according to his movement.


  • Though Sky-Chi is the first special move tied to a figure gimmick, they are not the first one in the series. In the 3DS version of Skylanders: Trap Team, Trap Masters can use Trap Attacks after filling up their Trap Meter, and they are cinematic moves that always attack in an area of effect for considerable damage. Unlike Sky-Chis, they always have the same effect no matter the animation.
  • Quickshot Sky-Chis are similar to the Death Blossom Secret Technique.
    • Sentinel Sky-Chis are similar to the Top Spin Secret Technique.
  • Golden Queen's Sky-Chi has the same name as one of her Skylanders: Battlecast spells.
  • Ambush's Sky-Chi is the only one that does over 1,000 damage to the remaining enemies after the rest got wiped out by the end of it.
  • The Sky-Chis performed by King Pen, Ambush, and Aurora are similar in style, which involves slashing through enemies at super speed.
  • Kaos's Sky-Chi is the only Sky-Chi that does not require a Sensei Shrine to unlock. Instead, it is automatically unlocked when placing Kaos's figure on the portal for the first time.