“I'm missing the Thousand-Yard Stare class for THIS?!”
    —Skull, Beard Science

Skull is Hex's familiar in the Skylanders Academy spin-off series, as well as her weapon of choice.



Skull is cynical and straight to the point, most of the time doing the talking and sarcastic remarks for Hex even if at her own expense. According to the sorceress, he is also lazy.


Skull is constantly surrounded by a force field or glass-like sphere, which appears to protect him from most threats and support the weight of a Skylander - though the same cannot be said about good balance on top of the sphere. He is capable of levitation, and Hex can use telekinesis to make him tackle enemies and magical tethers to slow him down.


Season 1

In the series premiere, Skull was summoned by Hex to assist her during the Skylander Games, but the trial left both of them exhausted. Because of their performance, Hex and Skull failed the Skylander Games and had to study for another year at Skylander Academy. Skull then ranted to Hex that they lost to Bad Breath, whose only ability was burping.

In Anger Mismanagement's cold open, Hex and Skull are in a counseling session with Hugo about his refusal to work as a familiar. However, Hugo is threatened by sheep halfway through and flees without finishing the session. Later, during the Chilli Chomp Competition, he is part of Ka-Boom's team despite his inability to eat.

In Beard Science, Skull accompanies his sorceress in a class with Master Eon, and after the headmaster accidentally makes the cadets think Roller Brawl's uniqueness is in her balancing, he gets used in a human pyramid, much to his dismay. When Master Eon passes them later, without his beard, only Hex has a vague recollection of him, but Skull dismisses her concerns and they get distracted into other activities to discover their unique appeal.

In Assault on Skylander Academy, Skull is used as weaponry against the Doom Raiders' failed infiltration, knocking Dreamcatcher away as they escape. However, when he and Roller Brawl attempt to stop Kaos' attack on the school by diving into him, they are defeated by his empowered dark magic spheres.



They are polar opposites, and because of his rebellious and cynical personality, their teamwork suffers greatly. However, despite directing harsh words to anyone including her, they still like each other - though he'll hide it, such as trying to get away when she gave his forcefield a kiss.

Roller Brawl and Wind-Up

Though he doesn't share their enthusiasm for most classes, he follows them along with Hex through their misguided ideas.


  • Skull is based on Hex's skulls in her Series 2 figure artwork and figure, with slightly different coloring.
  • Though he can't eat, he pretends to eat the chilli in the Chilli Chomp Competition in Anger Management, and ends up incapacitated despite only having it touch his forcefield.


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