Skaletones Showdowns are an optional way to earn bonus coins in Skylanders: Trap Team. They are found in the Main Hall of Skylanders Academy. Crossbones will ask the player to beat MagsCaptain DreadbeardArboPipsqueak, Kaos and Flynn in singing battles, or showdowns (rock for Kaos, hip-hop for Mags, jazz for Captain Dreadbeard, reggae for Arbo, country/reggae for Pipsqueak, and boogie for Flynn). There are easy, medium, hard, and expert modes for all of the showdowns.


  • All Skylanders say their catchphrases at the end of the showdowns.
  • All villains can be used in the showdowns.
  • In the game's difficulty select screen, the screen is darkened, though any glowing parts(such as eyes or LightCore areas) on the opponent or the player will stay at the same brightness.
  • A glitch performed by going to the Select menu too quickly as the game loads back from Skaletones Showdown allows the player to have a view of the Academy's concert room and a clear look at the Skaletones. However, attempting to leave causes the Skylander to get stuck in the game's skybox, and the hub must be reloaded to leave the area.
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