The Singing Forest is the first level of Skylanders: Ring of Heroes. It is a forest covered in Chompy statues that holds the portal closest to Sky Island.


Forest Entrance

Forest Investigation

Edge of the Forest

Forest Forked Road

  • Sheep Creeps
  • Shield Shredders
  • Chompies
  • Threatpacks

Forest Campfire

  • Shield Shredders
  • Chompies
  • Krankensteins
  • Threatpacks

Center of the Forest

A Chompy? A Mage?



Skylanders: Ring of Heroes

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Sky Island
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Singing Forest - Misty Bog - Infernal Volcano - Highland of Mirrors - The Golden Desert
Abandoned Factory - Rainbow Valley - Bone Grave Village - Mansion of Gloom - Shrine of Light
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Mirage Tower - Cave of Gold - Realm of Souls - Distorted Dimension - Meditation Woodland
Hall of Chaos - Secret Scroll Library
Episode Dungeons
(Story of Nightfall/Drobot/Spyro/Boom Bloom)

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