Sidekicks are miniature versions of Skylanders and Giants in the Skylanders series. The games treat Sidekicks as if they were Magic Items. In Skylanders: Trap Team, the Sidekicks became playable Minis. Each share the same abilities and upgrades as their normal counterparts.

Within the Skylands, a realm of infinite possibilities, there is in fact an alternate reality known as the Skylands Miniverse. Everything there is smaller, including the Skylanders. The Skylanders Sidekicks come from that Miniverse and have traveled to the Skylands to meet their regular-sized alter egos and tag along with them on adventures.


When placed on the Portal of Power, a sidekick figure will appear in the game, following you around. It is proven that sidekicks can block projectiles without taking damage, though getting them in the way of the projectiles takes either luck, or serious skill.

List of Sidekicks

Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure

Sidekicks Element
Gill Runt Icon.png Gill Runt Water
Terrabite Icon.png Terrabite Earth
Trigger Snappy Icon.png Trigger Snappy Tech
Whisper Elf Icon.png Whisper Elf Life

Skylanders: Giants

Sidekicks Element
Barkley Icon.png Barkley Life
Eye-Small Icon.png Eye-Small Undead
Mini-Jini Icon.png Mini-Jini Magic
Thumpling Icon.png Thumpling Water

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  • The Sidekicks seem to speak with a sped-up version of their counterpart's voice.
  • Originally in Lost Islands, each sidekick had a cheer which is a sped up version of the regular Skylander's cheer. When Trap Team came into Lost Islands, the Sidekicks' cheers were replaced with a "boing" sound effect which was also used for the companions.
  • In 3DS versions, Sidekicks follow the Skylanders through the hub world, but not through chapters.
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