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The Shrine of Light is the final level of the Story Mode of Skylanders: Ring of Heroes. Originally from the main area of Skylands and dragged into the Shattered Islands, the shrine is one of the most powerful areas of Light magic in the realm and a sacred location, with its enchanted inner sanctums protected by elemental guardians.

After avoiding the heroes for several islands, the Doom Raiders held it as the last line of defense to keep the Book of Dark Magic in the center of the shrine to amplify its power to incredible levels, as Dark and Light magic are incompatible with each other. However, the mad-driven Luminous was only willing to use the book to defeat his enemies and vanquish the Darkness, planning to destroy the artifact soon after.


  1. Shrine Entrance - Lob Goblins, Rage Mages, Red Chompies
  2. Shrine Investigation - Blaster-Trons, Lob Goblins, Trolling Thunders
  3. Shrine Guard Post - Eye Fives, Grinnades, Rage Mages, Shield Shredders
  4. Shrine Library - Hood Sickles, Grinnades, Rage Mages, Shield Shredders
  5. Shrine Torment Room - Blaster Trons, Lob Goblins, Grinnades
  6. Shrine Reception Room - Eye Fives, Blaster Trons, Grinnades, Buzzer Beaks
  7. Madness of Light - Blaster Trons, Luminous



  • The level uses similar aesthetics to Sunscraper Spire and Light Elemental Gates.
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