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“2 Trolls, 1 giant chainsaw, unlimited possibilities.”
    —Villain Vault

Shrednaught are a duo of Trolls who are one of the playable villains in Skylanders: Trap Team. Troll 1 is the brains while Troll 2 is the brawn and operator of the chainsaw machine they control. Shrednaught was encountered at the Phoenix Psanctuary, trying to saw through a cage until they noticed the Skylanders and engaged them. They were eventually defeated and trapped.


Even when idle, the chainsaw deals continuous damage as it slowly spins when in contact with enemies. Troll 2 can make the chainsaw machine spin in 360 degrees, also with a charge for a faster attack, while Troll 1 can use a large gun to shoot enemies even when they're not directly facing it.

Battlecast Abilities

In Skylanders: Battlecast, the trolls take turns quite literally - Troll 2 can also activate a hidden boxing glove right over the chainsaw for a fast attack, while Troll 1 casts spells. They can also Rev it Up to do double damage as their special ability. They are the only enemy in the game to battle alone, but also having enough health to compensate against a team of 3. In one of their boss missions, Buzz explains they fight over the controls, and don't actually know how to fight as a proper team.

Shrednaught progressively gets stronger and stronger each time you fight them. Initially, they have 650 HP and 60 power; second time they have 700 HP and 70 power; finally, they have 90 power and 1000 HP.

Troll Teamwork Chainsaw Spin Rev It Up - Special Ability
Troll Teamworkcard.png

Common (Unobtainable)
Deal 100 damage to an enemy character.

Chainsaw Spincard.png

Common (Unobtainable)
Deal 120 damage to every enemy.

Rev It Up - Special Abilitycard.png

Common (Unobtainable)
Double Shrednaught's attack this turn.


  • "Shred ahead, Troll 2!"
  • "Shred the Skylander!"

Trap Quotes

  • "Now what do we do, Troll 2?" "Just play it cool, Troll 1. Like me."
  • "Do you think that vortex is a good thing, Troll 2?" "NOOOOOOO!!!!!"
  • "Ugh, It's so cramped in here, I can't even tell which troll I am." "You are Troll 1, I think."
  • "Looks like we work for the Portal Master, Troll 2." "Oh, Okay. So what do we do now than?" "I guess whatever the Portal Master says."
  • "Pick me!" "And me!"
  • "*engine noises* Shready.... Set.... GOOOOOOOOOOOO!"
  • "Oh yeah, we shred!"
  • "Get that buzz going!"
  • "We came..." "We saw..." "Get it?"
  • "Shred-Head's in the house!"
  • "Nice shredding, Troll 2!"
  • "It's nice to have a chainsaw!"
  • "Not bad for someone without a giant chainsaw."
  • "Okie dokie smokie!" "Uh... That sounded kinda dumb, Troll 1."
  • "What do you think of this place Troll 2?" "I'm just glad I don't have to hang around with a bunch of trolls anymore. Uh, except you of course."
  • "I'm going try for the Skaletones, Troll 2." "But you can't even sing, Troll 1!" "That's hardly a reason to give up on my dreams of being a singer!"
  • "Those Doom Raiders sure are bad news, Troll 2." "I agree, Troll 1, someone need to put a stop to them!" "Uh... I think that's supposed to be us, now." "Oh yeah!"
  • "The Skylander's pretty good." "Quiet, Troll 1! We don't want them to get a big head."
  • "Hey Skylander, you're low on heath and we have a chainsaw!" "Just saying."
  • "Phew, that was pretty fun, Troll 2." "Now we need to rest." - Timer Out
  • "We're still charging in here." "Come back later!" - No Timer
  • "All charged up." "And ready to go! *revs engine*" - Full Timer
  • "Did he say my name, Troll 2?" "No, he said our name, Troll 1." - Quest
  • "Now here's someone I could work with! Uh, no offense to you, Troll 2." - Soul Gem

Battlecast Quotes

  • "Shred ahead, Troll 2!" "You've got it, Troll 1!" - Battle Introduction
  • Troll 1: "We're going to mow you down!"
  • Troll 2:"Moving up the chain!" - Rank up
  • Troll 1:"Rising to the top!"
  • "Way to go!" - Summoning a Relic
  • Troll 2: "Good for us!"
  • "Cool, man!" - randomly when playing spells
  • "Good stuff!"
  • Troll 2:"Round and round we go!" - Chainsaw Spin
  • Troll 1: "Let's go for a spin!"
  • Troll 2:"What a blast!" - Troll Teamwork
  • Troll 2: "Fire away, Troll 1!"
  • Troll 1: "Aha! We cut you down to size!" - KOed an enemy
  • Troll 2: "Away you go!"
  • Troll 1: "I blame the chainsaw!" Troll 2:"Me too..." - when defeated
  • "I hope we have insurance, Troll 1..."
  • "We're a cut above the rest." "Oh yeah!" - Victory
  • "That was a buzzworthy victory!"
  • Troll 1: "Uh... Was that you, Troll 2?" - when poked
  • "Just so you know, this is not funny."
  • "Hey, we got a big chainsaw here!"
  • "Who did that?!"
  • "Hey, why do you keep touching us?!"
  • "What is it?"

Villain Quest

Villain Theme ♫

Shrednaught's theme is Sporting Highs, from APM Music.

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  • The Shrednaught is one of the few playable duos in Skylanders (other duos are Fright Rider, Eye-Brawl, Eye-Small, Rocky Roll, Air Strike with Birdie and Bad Juju with Juju Junior).
  • He originally said what is now Chill Bill's trap quote "Remember me as a heroooooooooo!".
    • At the time, Troll 1 used to say "We're gonna mow you down."
  • When selecting a hat, none of the trolls are wearing it. Instead, the hat is placed on the vehicle where Troll 1 rests his left arm.
  • Shrednaught is likely based on the chainsaw tanks used by the trolls in the Falling Forest chapter of Spyro's Adventure.
  • Troll 1 and 2 can be told apart from the tones of their voices. Troll 1 is more raspy and Troll 2 is soft-spoken.
  • The line "We came, we saw" is a play on "We saw, we came, we kick its ass" from Ghostbusters.
  • Shrednaught, Grinnade, and Dr. Krankcase are the only three Villains who are required to access hidden areas. When evolved, Shrednaught can saw open barriers in Mystic Mill.