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“Cut To The Chase!”
    —Short Cut's official catchphrase

Short Cut is a seamster and one of the Undead Trap Masters in Skylanders: Trap Team.


Physical Traits

Short Cut is a short, orange faced creature with yellow eyes, a stitch on his forehead, and only two upper teeth. He wears a brown, pointy cap that covers the top of his head and his back with stitching on the front and the Trap Master logo stitched on the back. His shirt is dark brown with a belt over it, he wears light brown shoes, and as well as silver arm guards over his orange gloves.


Short Cut can be a perfectionist, but only because he loves what he does. He puts a lot of time and energy into creating each masterpiece.[1]


Short Cut was renowned for making the finest clothing in all of Skylands. With his magic shears, no thread was too thick, no cloth was too bunchy, and no pattern was too hard to follow. But one day, a fleet of flying sailing ships appeared overhead, crewed by raucous Skeleton Pirates. Having plundered a cargo of golden yarn from fortunetelling soothsayers, their leader demanded that Short Cut stitch together a magic hat that would tell him the futures of everyone in Skylands – or suffer the consequences! Not wanting to see his work used for evil, he bravely snuck onto the ship that night and sewed the pants and shirts of the sleeping pirates together so they were unable to fight. Short Cut then used his magic shears to cut the sails and wrap them around the ship, preventing the pirates from escaping. His brave actions caught the attention of Master Eon, who quickly made Short Cut a member of the Trap Team, where he now uses powerful Traptanium Shears to cut evil’s future short with every snip!


Light in the Dark

Short Cut was among the Skylanders that took part in the fight against Pain-Yatta's army of candy warriors. Lead by Gearshift, he and several other Skylanders fought a group of candy soldiers to save three Mabu before retreating into an old castle fortress to hold out when the army began to grow in numbers.

As they were cornered by the candy army within the fortress, Short Cut and the other Skylanders served as Skylands' last line of defense, battling Pain-Yatta's army with all of their might. The candy army soon fell to pieces just as the Skylanders were becoming overwhelmed (thanks to the actions of the Light and Dark Skylanders in their fight against Pain-Yatta), earning the heroes their victory.



These are the starting and maximum Statistics for this Skylander in the Skylanders games.

  • Health: 280 (max. 560)
  • Speed: 70 (max. 118)
  • Armor: 18 (max. 48)
  • Critical Hit: 80 (max. 130)
  • Elemental Power: 39 (max. 89)

Warning: These stats are not used in any of the Skylander games. They are only listed for completeness reasons.

  • Strength: 240
  • Defense: 80
  • Agility: 240
  • Luck: 0


Basic Abilities
These abilities are available from the start of the game.
Soul Gem Ability
Requires Soul Gem from:
Lair of the Golden Queen
Traptanium Scissors Phantom Puppets
Scissor Stilts
Short Cutprimarypower.png
Primary Ability
Press Attack 1 to snip away with Traptanium Scissors.
Short Cutsecondarypower.png
Secondary Ability
Press Attack 2 to summon puppet minions who attack enemies.
Short Cutsoulgempower.png
Price: 4000
Hold Attack 1 and press Attack 2 to walk on the Traptanium Scissors like stilts, damaging anything in your path.
Basic Upgrades
Skylanders can buy new abilities from Persephone/Power Pods.
Cutting Frenzy Nether Needle No Strings Attached Cut Through Worlds
Short Cutbasicupgrade1.png
Price: 500
Rapidly press Attack 1 to go into a cutting frenzy.
Short Cutbasicupgrade2.png
Price: 700
Press Attack 3 to shoot Nether Needle and pull enemies you hit in closer
Short Cutbasicupgrade3.png
Price: 900
Cut a Puppet's string with Traptanium Scissors to make it faster and more powerful.
Short Cutbasicupgrade4.png
Price: 1200
Hold Attack 1 and release to cut open a rift into another dimension.
Scary Seamster
View Pupper Master
Upgrade Traptanium Scissor attacks.
Treacherous Tangle Super Snips Threadsplosion
Short Cutpath1upgrade1.png
Price: 1700
Enemies reeled in by the Nether Needle are tangled.
Short Cutpath1upgrade2.png
Price: 2200
Enemies tangled up in thread take extra damage from Scissor attacks.
Short Cutpath1upgrade3.png
Price: 3000
After an enemy becomes untangled, an explosion occurs doing extra damage.
Pupper Master
View Scary Seamster
Upgrade Phantom Puppet attacks.
Go Out with A Bang Puppet Population Paging Dr. Puppets
Short Cutpath2upgrade1.png
Price: 1700
Phantom Puppets explode before disappearing, damaging anything around them.
Short Cutpath2upgrade2.png
Price: 2200
Can summon more Phantom Puppets at a time and all do extra damage.
Short Cutpath2upgrade3.png
Price: 3000
Phantom Puppets can heal you after damaging an enemy.

Skylanders can use abilities depending on their level.

Starting Powers

  • TBA (Primary Attack): TBA
  • TBA (Secondary Attack): TBA


  • TBA (requires level: TBA): TBA
  • TBA (requires level: TBA): TBA
  • TBA (requires level: TBA): TBA

Trap Attack Preview

Short Cuttrapattack.gif
Trap Attack: Fill up the Trap Attack gauge by defeating enemies and collecting TRAPTANIUM shards.
Once the gauge is full, press [L] to unleash a devastating attack, unique to each Trap Master!


Battle Cries

  • "Cut to the Chase!"
  • "Let's do this!"
  • "It's trimming time!"
  • "Grim and trim!"
  • "A cut above the rest!"
  • "Never a dull moment!" - when he destroys a Traptanium cluster
  • "Live on the edge!"
  • "Bouncy!"
  • "Feeling sharper!" - when Traptanium Scissors glow
  • "Bursting at the scenes!" - when Traptanium Scissors glow
  • "Hyperactive!" - when leveling up
  • "Shear power!" - when leveling up
  • "These stats are stylin'!" - when checking stats
  • "Lookin' fit and trim!" - when checking stats
  • "Ooh, looking sharp!" - when wearing a hat
  • "That has me in stitches!" - when given a nickname

Character Trailers


Short Cut/Gallery


  • Short Cut and Blastermind are the shortest of the Trap Masters.
  • The way he carries his scissors is similar to that of The Scissorman from the Clock Tower game franchise.
  • He is the second Undead Skylander voiced by John Kassir (the first being Ghost Roaster).
  • The Y-shape of his Cut Through Worlds attack is possibly an allusion to autopsy cuts, used identify a person's cause of death.


  1. Skylanders Universe: The Complete Collection (2015), page 166

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