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“The ultimate, heavily-armored, mobile weapon against evil!”
    —Vehicle Collection

The Shield Striker is High Volt's signature vehicle in Skylanders: SuperChargers. The Shield Striker is the ultimate weapon against evil. Heavily armored and surging with electricity, High-Volt's high-powered machine is geared up to enforce justice on anything that stands in its way!


Performance Mods

  • Troll Patroller
  • Chompy Guard
  • Full Metal Fender
  • High Speed Pursuer

Specialty Mods

  • Tactical Viewer
  • Lightium Lamps
  • Fitted Tank Top
  • Lightning Strikers

Horn Options

  • Redirectors
  • Battery Buzz
  • Shield Sirens
  • Grinding Gears

Character Trailers



  • The Shield Striker is the only Vehicle with the ability to magnetically attract Gearbits with its Doomproof Forcefield.
  • It bears a resemblance to the Patriot Bomber from Mega Man: Battle and Chase.