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“The best defense is a good offense.”
    —Villain Vault

Shield Shredder is an Evilikin who is one of the Life villains in Skylanders: Trap Team. He was found in Mystic Mill, where he attacked the Skylanders inside of a storage area. He was eventually knocked out and trapped.


  • "The best defense is a good offense."

Trap Quotes

  • "Seems like a real tough choice, For about a second. Come on! Who doesn't need a wooden shield guy!?"
  • "Oh man, I knew we shouldn't have come to this MIIIIIILLLLLL!" - when trapping
  • "Ah! I'm in a Trap! I knew I should have been a dining room table instead!"
  • "What did he say? Captured?"
  • "Let's go SHREEEEEDDDDDING!" - entering the game
  • "I'll shred it from here!"
  • "Yield for the shield!"
  • "Shield Shredder, a-shredding!"
  • "Dash and bash!"
  • "Incoming!"
  • "Super shield!"
  • "Sweet!"
  • "Boun-cyy!"
  • "Where I'm from, we don't have anything like the Skaletones. No music, period! Just buzz saws... and the occasional donkey noise. Not sure what that's about."
  • "So, do you have a workshop class in this Academy? Because if you're looking for a teacher..."
  • "Even though I worked for Dr. Krankcase, I never quite trusted the guy. In part because he told me to never trust him!"
  • "Hope you didn't get any splinters!"
  • "You look pretty shredded out there, Skylander! Need a hand?"
  • "Looks like my shred session is up. But I'll be back!" - Time Out
  • "What? Now? No way, I'm not ready!" - No Timer
  • "I'm sorry! But I need to get recharged here!"
  • "I'm shr-reding to go! *whirls shield*" - Full Timer
  • "Full power and full awesome! *whirls shield*"
  • "I'm all varnished and ready to shred!" - Quest
  • "What's all this? I also ate an entire pumpkin pie the other day! Betcha didn't know that." - checking stats

Villain Quest

Villain Theme ♫

Shield Shredder's theme is Playful Activity, from APM Music.

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  • His Villain Vault description is the same as his dialogue when he first appears in Mystic Mill.
  • Shield Shredder is the second Life-elemental character to be voiced by Tom Kenny while Stink Bomb is the first.
  • He speaks with a lisp.
  • He is one of the few playable Evilikins in the series (the others are Scrap Shooter, Fisticuffs, and Krankenstein).
  • He is one of the few playable characters who use shields (others being Ignitor, Flip Wreck, Chop Chop, Chill, Doom Stone, and Wildfire).
  • Though it doesn't appear to have additional effects, Shield Shredder can charge up his shield with Life energy by hitting enemies consecutively, then use a dash with a larger duration.
  • His introduction line was cut off due to a scripting error, but it got fixed.